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If you have ever wanted to memorize Bible verses, well then, this is the product for you!

I was blessed with Philippians in 28 Weeks from Home School Adventure Co. and it sure has put me through the paces. Let me share a little bit about this amazing and extensive Bible verse memorising study.


I have to be honest, at first I was a little overwhelmed.

I am a huge fan of the book of Philippians. By far my favorite verse is Philippians 4:13, ” I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.” So I was really excited to see if I could memorise the entire book of Philippians.

The time and dedication to learning is not how much you can memorize at first but how little you can remember each time. It has been a struggle for me to be diligent and continue on with this program. My oldest son, just 13 years old, worked for a week or so but ultimately he was too overwhelmed and is now working on memorising these verses at a much slower pace. The review period was a few weeks, so we were only able to complete a portion of this Bible study and memorization. It is designed to be completed in 28 weeks, not 8 weeks. So with diligence I foresee complete success in getting all of the book of Philippians committed to memory.

The study is set up to be used daily, so that does help with the memorization process. The key is to keep at it and to not miss a single day. Like anything else, if you continue to use something, it becomes far easier each time.

Each of us has been told that it is very important to hide God’s word in our hearts. This is something I have told my little ones for years. Because the possibility certainly exists that during their lifetime that they might have to know these words deep in their hearts. This study is the perfect opportunity to make this a priority in your everyday life.

The way it worked best for me was that each morning I was taking a few minutes to read over the entire book of Philippians. It was taking me no longer than 10 minutes tops to accomplish this. I added it into my morning routine and it became easier every day. I was also able to peek at the memory cards throughout the day if I needed to, just to make sure I was accurately learning the verses.

This study is more geared for family discussion with 9-11 year olds, but I found it was difficult to even keep my 13 year old on track with this. A high schooler might be better suited for this or the child that has a delight in memorisation skills.

As you read over the entire book of Philippians everyday then you also have the copy work of each verse to help your memory retain the verses. This was a wonderful chance to encourage penmanship. I also encouraged my son to take extra days and continue to write the verses until he was comfortable to move on to more.

The questions in the study were a wonderful way to sit and discuss what exactly the verses were talking about. It was great to ponder the word and really be able to dig deeper in. It stretched my way of thinking about the verses instead of just taking the time to recite the words.

I often would repeat the verses out loud, like I would do with a poem I was trying to learn. This too is encouraged with the study, using the provided memory cards they offer.

I feel like I have managed to recite and have a better understanding of Philippians because of this program. I will continue to use this until I have successfully committed the entire book  to memory. Because ALL things are possible with Him that believe (Mark 9:23).

A Sample of Philippians in 28 Weeks can be found on their product page. The complete set I was given is available for $28.95 (we used the KJV – King James Version)  and the PDF version of the memory cards is available for $9.95.

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I hope you enjoyed this review and have now found something that you simply cannot live without!

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