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For someone that is not as artistically gifted as I would like to claim, I am pleased to say that I now have an awesome program for teaching Art to my son (and my other two when the time comes.)

I was asked to review ARTistic Pursuits and I was given the choice from a few of the products offered. I chose Sculpture Technique : Model .

I have to say that this art book has been an awesome (and very real) introduction to learning and teaching art. Art class has really become a true class here at the house lately. It has been nice to see the projects from beginning to end.

My 13 year old son jumped right in and began his art class with the pinch method to create his first model. He really enjoyed this part because if anyone is a “hands on” learner, it is my son. He loved the feel of the clay in his hands and more than ever he began to understand the awesomeness of being the creator of a project. He began by making all of the necessary pieces of his branch and flowers.

Here he is working on making one of the flowers he needed:



For a young man he has very little “sit and do” in him. He would much rather be up playing and running around but this project had him totally enthralled. He worked for an hour or more to get the branch and the flower buds completed. The book has an example for you to build on to make your own pinch method sculpture but I could swear he looked at the book and tried his best to replicate the image shown!

This is his completed sculpture:


The waiting period seemed like a really long time for all of us but in reality it was only about 4 days of waiting. Then came the painting on his new creation and I am so pleased with the outcome. As a mama, I am so incredibly proud of the

job my son did! Worthy of an A in his Art Class I believe.

Check it out:



This Art curriculum is a dream come true for me. It has so much information in it and it is so easy to understand. My son did most of this work on his own and with very little difficulty.

This Sculpture Technique: Model book has 3 Units broken down into individual steps and all throughly explained.

Unit 1 : Creating Mass with Putty

  • Your materials needed, properties of putty
  • Modeled Mass
  • Static Mass
  • Dynamic Mass
  • Evaluation of this unit

Unit 2 : Creating Scale with Clay

  • Your materials needed, properties of clay
  • Pinch Method
  • Slab Method
  • Slab Method with Paper Armature
  • Coil Method
  • Evaluation of this unit

Unit 3 : Creating Surface with Fiber

  • Your materials needed, properties of wool fiber
  • Wet Felting
  • Pre-felts as Surface Design
  • Felted Vessels
  • Needle Felting-Creating Mass
  • Needle Felting-Appendages and Surface Design

All of these incredible projects and we have only just cracked open this fount of creativity.

Not only does this book have well over 80 pages in it, it has so much more! My favorite parts, the answers to the Evaluations, The Course Description and a laid out Schedule to follow for class. We did not follow it exactly, as my son wanted to use the clay first but we can go back and start at the beginning at any time.

The author Brenda Ellis made this such an easy to read and understand curriculum and for that I would highly recommend this to anyone with a child that has a tendency to creating. This bound book made it easy to encourage more creativity and it was nice to be able to lay out the book without it closes on my son while he was in the middle of reading or looking at the pictures.

The age range suggested for this particular product is 11-18 years old. With assistance I think it could be used with a younger child. It worked really well for us and I look forward to moving onto more projects. My son did create a project on his own after his branch and flowers were completed. He did not follow any particular project and this is what he created with clay, a leatherback turtle. Not so bad for  not really having anything to see but a few pictures from our own books on hand.


The cost of this Art curriculum book, Sculpture Technique: Model is an affordable $47.95. The book is well worth the cost and it will last me for many years to come. I will be able to get many, many uses from this book and that alone makes me very happy. ARTistic Pursuits also provides you with a complete list of all of the needed materials in the front go the book. That was an amazingly helpful part of the program for me, as I would have had absolutely no idea what I would have needed for any of the projects.

One final word about this Art class book, it is eligible for credits for your high schooler, that right there is a win win situation for me! Keep track of time spent on the projects and it can be worth 1 credit for them, niiice!

If you would like to follow along with ARTistic Pursuits you may via Facebook:

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I hope you enjoyed this review and have now found something that you simply cannot live without!

In His Grace.

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