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A history program that makes history really come alive! I am so excited to be reviewing Digital Heroes & Heroines of the Past: American History Curriculum from Golden Prairie PressThis history curriculum is loaded with so much good stuff that I cannot believe it! We were blessed to get an all digital format of the entire set which includes:

  • Heroes and Heroines of the Past: American History Part 1 ebookHotpHistoryPack_zpse2b912cd
  • Heroes and Heroines of the Past: American History Part 2 ebook
  • Historical Skit ebook
  • MP3 of historical songs that are mentioned in the books
  • MP3 of sermons, speeches and important documents (like the Mayflower Compact)
  • Extras, which included: printable timelines, maps, games, books and pictures

This history program is a full years worth of amazing! All of the above is available for the low price of $98.99. I do not need to purchase much to continue using this program either. Some crayons, pencils, odds and ends will get you by with the extras asked to complete the lessons.

I am so please that this program exists. The stories in the Heroes and Heroines of the past are broken into two main sections. It was nice to read to the younger kids, 9 and 6 years old, on a level that they were able to understand. Then I was able to use the exact same curriculum with my oldest son, he is 13, as he was able to read the more in-depth writings. This was a tiny bit of a reach for my 6 year old but he was still able to grasp most of the information. He especially likes doing the crafts that are suggested at the end of each section.

The ebooks are so full of information that it is nice to sit down and discuss all that we had read and gone over. Mine and the children’s favorite part about the entire curriculum was the fact that at the end of each section, there was always something different to do. It wasn’t just asking questions to see if they had “learned” anything. There was timelines to fill in, pictures to view, crafts to complete, a skit or event to play out and the occasional food dish to prepare.

When the day was a bit rainy or getting to be a bit too warm, I really loved the songs and the recorded sermons and document reading. I personally have never heard the Mayflower Compact read aloud and I was fascinated by it! My favorite by far is the read aloud of the Declaration of Independence. I simply love this point in history and I thought the gentleman reading read it did so with just the right infliction. A wonderful way for me to show my patriotism and being able to explain the different words that were used back then to my young children. I look forward to enjoying these read aloud sections many times over.

My husband and I were also blessed in seeing history played out for us on more than one occasion due to the historical skits that were provided with this program. My youngest, which is 6 years old, did a great job and was able to follow the directions given by his oldest brother. The lessons of working together and putting their own personalities into the history of our great nation was an amazingly fun part of this curriculum.

Heroes and Heroines of the Past American History is suggested for use with 1st through 6th graders. I think with a little more time and patience though that children as young as 4 would be able to participate in the use of the story time and the fun hands on crafts that are used. My oldest being in 8th grade loves being read to, especially history. So this is a pretty versatile program that could be used with a variety of age groups.

We use this product a few days a week, since there is so much involved with some of the lessons. I see us continuing to use this curriculum for a good long while. It is so full of good information and so many extras that I seriously cannot help being pleased by Golden Prairie Press. I look forward to being able to purchase more of this amazing company’s products down the line.



I hope you found a new program that you would enjoy using with your homeschoolers! And thank you for reading my latest review!

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In His Grace.

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