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As a homeschool mama I know how important daily lessons are to learning, the constant repetition of information. So when we were asked to review Institute for Excellence in Writing’s product, Fix It! Grammar: The Nose Tree (Book 1), I was excited.

This program is a daily grammar class that my 13 year old son Isaiah can get through in 15-20 minutes. I really wish this product had been around when I was in school!

The IEW sent us the student workbook and the teacher’s book. These books are spiral bound and a lovely addition to our schooling.

I had to get a binder and fill it with loose leaf paper, a handy binder pencil (and stuff) holder, and set it up for the extras for this product.


The Student Workbook ($15.00) comes with the daily lessons, which has room to complete the daily written work. In the back of the book there is a set of review cards that help the student in their lessons. The cards are heavy card stock which you need to remove from the student book, cut apart, and store (this is where Isaiah’s pencil/stuff holder came in handy). Each card has a part of speech or punctuation or grammar requirement listed, what it means, some examples, and which lesson it applies too. A wonderful addition to this product because it helps when Isaiah is doing independent work.


Isaiah has to sit down and read the sentence for the day then label the parts of speech. Once he has identified the parts of speech or punctuation or grammar requirement, he has to copy the corrected work into his binder. There is also a daily vocabulary word that he must copy into his binder. His binder has two sections, both sections have loose leaf paper. The first section is where he writes his corrected story. The second section is for his daily vocabulary word.


The corrected work he is rewriting is the story of The Nose Tree. It is an amazing to see the corrected work that he is writing in his binder. The story has really come together with each lesson.

Isaiah had a few bumps during his first lessons but I believe that since this product allows the student to set the pace, he is doing much better the further he gets. The introduction of each new part of speech is gradual and makes it less stressful in helping the student recognize all of them.

The daily lessons are very easy to understand. The Teacher Book ($19.00) has an overview of the daily lesson, which explains the newest grammar term or punctuation term being introduced, the corrected sentence, and the vocabulary word for the day.

The Nose Tree (Book 1) is the first book in the 6 book series for Fix It! Grammar. The recommended grade start level is 3rd grade, but as you can see, my 8th grader is using it and doing well. This grammar product makes it easy to start in whatever grade you would like. I probably should have been more diligent in our schooling, yet, this program has made it tremendously easy to jump in right now.

School hasn’t been the same since I introduced Fix It! Grammar into our daily work. I am thankful for a grammar product that is simple to use, explain, and talk about. I may be able to write a blog post now, but it would have been easier if I had been taught with this program.

A product worth looking into if you are looking to incorporate grammar into your homeschool. So far in all of our years, this one is one I like.

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I am pleased that you stopped by today to read about out latest review and I hope you just found something you simply cannot live without!

In His Grace.


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