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I have read many a Christmas story to the kids over the years. The ones about Santa and the True Christmas story. But this one…it was amazing and such a touching story.

If He Had Not Come ($18.95) by David Nicholson is a Christmas book like none other that I have read. This book is age appropriate for 6 years and up and is presented as a gorgeous hardback.

A young boy, Bobby, is sent to bed on Christmas eve with visions of everything wonderful on Christmas morning  and with the words of Jesus Christ swirling in his head from John 15:22, “If I had not come”. What he awakens to is a world devoid of Christ.

This story is well written and makes so much sense to me that I am surprised that I have never heard this story before.

David Nicholson shares this story from author Nan F. Weeks in a beautiful retelling.

I love the pictures that are in this book. They are so realistic and they enhance the story so very nicely. Each picture shows the depth, sadness, and confusion of Bobby as he wanders all over town in a desperate attempt to figure out what has happened with “Christmas”.

Bobby cannot believe that each and every person he encounters has not heard of Christmas. Then to make it even worse, he starts to come across the phrase, “If I had not come”, numerous times. When he searches for the local orphanage, or the local shelter, or even the churches, they are completely gone, they have never existed.

He rushes home to find that even his dad’s Bible has changed. There is no New Testament because Christ was never born, therefore he never died for us, or showed any compassion, love, or service for others.

What a horrible thing to have happen in our lives. To live with no compassion or service to others. To only be hard and callous towards others. To only know what it feels like to be concerned for only me…If He Had Not Come…a moment of pure panic sets in before you remember that Christ most assuredly blessed us by coming to our world.

This book is thought provoking for all ages. I will admit, the story moved me to tears because I personally could not even begin to imagine a world without Christ.

After the story, the kids and I sat and discussed what I had just read. Since we talk about Jesus a lot in our house and daily lives, the reading of this story was an important moment in my kids lives. The absolute certainty, that we as a family have, that Jesus Christ came to our world because He loves us more than we can even begin to comprehend; this story was a real eye opener for my kids when I brought up the point that there are many people in the world that live without the knowledge of Christ.

If He Had Not Come has other excellent discussion questions in the back of the book. I see how this book could be used for small groups like Sunday School or even for Christian school Bible class. There are numerous deep thought provoking questions for young people as well as adults. Because, seriously, what do you think life would be like If He Had Not Come?

Another resource in the back of the book is a section titled, Going Deeper. This is an incredibly detailed portion of the book that will allow for answering those harder questions that some people may ask about Jesus and His Life. Questions and Answers and the coordinating Bible verses to back the answers up; an apologetics class all rolled up in one. How wonderful!

Lastly, there is an idea for a hands on craft that will help with the visual recreation of a Christmas tree and how it represents Jesus Christ in our lives.

A gorgeous book, a brilliant message, deep discussion, and a whole lot of Jesus. A wonderful book to add to your Christmas traditions.

I hope you enjoyed this awesome book review! Come back soon for more great books and products! Thanks for reading!

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In His Grace.


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