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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I now know this to be true. We were beyond blessed to review a new book that I cannot wait to tell you about.

Purposeful Design: Understanding the Creation is by Jay Schabacker and a book that I am so excited to now have in my collection for science and for the discussion of the creation.

A bit about the author Jay Schabacker. This man has been the closest to the heavens. He worked for years at NASA on the Apollo Moon Program. So, it would make sense to me that he has some idea about what is involved with the vastness of our spectacular heavenly bodies. He is the closest human I know that can relate the impressiveness of creation because he was the closest to the source.

And describe it he did! This book gives us a step by stunning step look into each day of Creation.  This hard backed book is simply gorgeous from the moment you lay eyes on it. The cover says it all with the image that is on the front. It shows the vastness of space and our incredible Earth being held in the palm of God’s hand. As with everything in our life, God is in control. It is a powerful image to behold.


This is not a simple science book like those we usually use for school. This book is full of amazing images and easy to understand language for all ages. A wonderful addition to all of the other books we have on hand for enjoyment and for school.

The book does a day by day explanation of the days of creation but it also breaks down further for more in depth learning. For instance, the amount of information about the sun and the moon and all of the benefits that are provided due to those two heavenly sources was amazing. The diagrams and the explanations were wonderfully easy to articulate to my younger children.

Just because my kids have been told about the fabulous benefits of the moon, it was so nice to be able to sit down and show them all of the fantastic images as well give a science lesson along with Biblical fact in regards to the moon, an object that we sometimes forget has so much influence in our daily lives.

This review was for more than just a book though. Jay Schabacker also recreated some downloads that you will have access to. There is a Student workbook that has day by day lesson work. The Student workbook goes along with each one of the “days” being talked about in the physical book. There are a total of 30 pages, each with questions to answer, some memory verse work, some drawing for the student, and a closing prayer after each lesson is discussed.

Also, there is a download for 43 pages of the Teacher’s Key and Certificates of Completion available. Once you and the student(s) have gone over the material, there is a certificate of completion for you to give to your student. Once you have completed all 7 days, there is a course completion certificate too.

All of this creation science curriculum is available for $18.95There is also a multi purchase discount option for small groups and larger groups. A wonderful way to share this good news book about creation as well as offer a lovely gift.

We really enjoyed the book and are incredibly pleased that this book is now in our lives. I am so in love with all of the gorgeous pictures used though out the book and I would highly recommend this book to others. Not just for the school aspect but because it is so full of details about our purposeful and meticulous design by the Master Creator Himself.

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I hope you enjoyed our latest review and that we found something you love! Visit soon to see what comes up next on the blog for review! See you soon!


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