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There has been times that I look at him and wonder how in the world I got where I am. How did I, the girl that no one really liked, get one of the best guys around?

What did he see in me and why can’t I see it too?

He looks at me with a gleam in his eye. My skin tightens and my breath quickens. This guy really likes me. How did I get so lucky?!

Let me share a short story with you.

There once was a young woman that at the tender age of 19 thought she needed to get married and begin her life in the adult world. This young lady set up the whole wedding just like her little girl memory remembered. The dress, the cake, the flowers, bridesmaid dresses, and all the rest of the froufrou stuff.

The day arrived and, at the last possible moment, this young lady’s mother approached her and asked her one more time if this is truly want she wanted to do.

With an empathic and resounding yes, this young lady carried out her plans.

With a heavy heart I have to admit that that this joyous occasion ended in complete and utter failure. The marriage lasted not even 3 years.

This young lady did not have a close personal relationship with Jesus and let the world (the devil) talk her into escaping her marriage and her responsibilities. She let those small quiet voices turn into shouting voices and ruin what she had.

Now, many years later, this same young woman tried to get straight with God and He saw her heart and knew just one more way to try and woo her back to Him.

This young lady met the most determined, caring, successful, and funny man one day.

This man, took this young woman on one date (after him being turned down many times…he really was determined!). After so much heartache and pain, this young woman had found a white knight in the most unconventional place; A small apartment community office.

Now, almost 15 years later, I am happy to say, that this man’s determination was successful. My husband and I have been together for many years and married almost thirteen of those years. My husband believes in me, works hard for our family, gives with every part of his being for all of us. He is such a good man and I thank God for him every day.

By God’s unending grace and love, He allowed me one more chance to correct so many wrongs. He allowed me to heal, to forgive, to ask forgiveness, and ultimately, to be happy. He provided me a man that I am truly unworthy of.

There have been ups and downs, but all in all, my marriage is blessed by God and He now runs the show. Not me, not my husband, God. I determined that I screwed up one time before, I choose not to do so again. I Choose God first, my husband second…the way it should be.


I shared all of this because I want you to know that no matter the past, no matter the issues, no matter the regrets…God loves you. He wants the best for you and He will always fight for you..and your marriage.

I have mentioned this before; God loves marriage and Satan hates marriage.

Therefore, if you need some more encouragement, other than this post. Please check into the newest book that I am blessed to review. Choosing Him All Over Again, A Story of Romance & Redemption by Juana Mikels.

You will be encouraged, blessed, and know that you are not alone in your struggle.

You can visit Juana’s site here and preorder her book here. I will be back soon to share some more goodness from this amazing book!

In his Grace.


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