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Mamas Coffee Shop 15 Ways to Date Your Spouse for Under $25

If you have been married more than a year you might already be in need of some ideas that allow you to date your spouse without breaking the bank.

Usually at this stage in a marriage the novelty can be wearing off of that honeymoon mentality and you may have already started a family. Maybe you are down to one paycheck and seriously your marriage needs a boost!

This post will allow you to pick and choose some entirely romantic dates that you can plan before hand or even ones for the last moment, thanks to the babysitter you were just blessed with for a few hours!

I have mentioned some ways before on how you make dates from practically nothing but this post will show you that even with a little cash, you can make a date one that will be remembered with delight and sweet memories.

1. A Movie – it might have to be an afternoon movie, to keep the cost in the right range, but hey, a movie that isn’t Disney?! Yeah…

2. Take a Hike – literally. This one comes in close to FREE if you plan it right. Most local State Parks have free admission but even if they don’t, $10 bucks could get you in for all day!

3. Breakfast – you can do this and then some. Starbucks a favorite of yours? Then head out to share a good cup of coffee and one of their yummy breakfast treats. It is okay to splurge on good coffee…I should know!

4. Lunch – a real meal at a restaurant. Yes, you can do this for under $25. You find the places like Applebee’s that has a special lunch menu and you split an appetizer and maybe even a dessert!

5. Dinner – if you like pizza, then head to the local pizza buffet. Local to us we have Stevie B’s but there is also CiCi’s that does the buffet. Easy, fun, and on the cheap!

6. Go Out of Town for the Day – not possible you say?! I’m not talking another state, well, if you are close enough to the state line…maybe…grab some snacks from the house, put some gas in the car and head out to explore a nearby town. This might require some research but make it an adventure you won’t forget!

7. Movie Night – at home. Make is spectacular and go all out. If you have little ones, make this a special treat for them too…a fun dinner for them and then off to bed early for them. Pop some popcorn, dress it up anyway you want, have some chocolate, put your jammies on, snuggle on the sofa, and just enjoy each other and your movie. A new one or a favorite classic you both enjoy.

8. A Picnic – is always a fun idea. Pick your favorite spot and then pack some delicious treats to enjoy. Splurge on extras you don’t usually have to make it extra special. Don’t forget the blanket!

9. Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt – is always a nice treat. With so many frozen yogurt places popping up lately, this one would be an easier one to set up. Plan on going well after a meal so that your “healthy” yogurt can be loaded with sweet treats!

10. Go to a Video Arcade – yes, these places still exist. Divvy up your allotted spending money and then set out to have an incredibly fun time! Compete against each other or set some goals to break some old records you might still have.

11. Go Roller Skating – yes, I’m serious. Didn’t you go roller skating when you were younger and it was cool? Then relive those memories with your sweetheart. A few hours of laughs will do you both a world of good!

12. Go for a Bike Ride – bicycles or motorcycle will do. We have a preference for a motorcycle but bicycles are totally awesome too! The point is, taking much needed time for both of you.

13. Prowl through an Old Bookstore – just to see what you can see. This would be fun but mind your spending limit…even if you find that rare gem of a story!

14. Go to a Museum – any museum will do. Most are free but some may cost a little. Stroll hand in hand and really take time to take in the art, the history, the act of being alone yet together.

15. Go to a Carnival – yep, that little one down the street will do just fine. Spend your allotted cash and ride those rides, laugh out loud, eat some carnival food, and make those memories!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but these are a perfect way to spend some amazing quality time with your favorite person and not coming close to breaking the bank!

In His Grace.


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