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Many times I hear myself in “mama mode”…

“Clean the table.”

“Sweep the floor.”

“Wash out the bathroom sink.”

“Where are your shoes?!”

“Let’s go! We’re going to be late!” (again)

But on occasion, I am blessed that God sees fit to show me the littlest things to remind me that all of my attempts at this mama thing are not going unnoticed.

The smallest things usually.

MCS-A-Bed-That-Is-MadeLike a bed that is made up nice and neat. Without mama asking. And done beautifully.

My measly attempts as a mama feel hard and I’m positive that most days I am a complete and utter failure. So I am thankful for the fact that today, my attempts seem to be making an impact.

In this made bed I see a future.

A future wife.

A future mama.

A future homemaker.

A future caregiver.

A future nurturer.

A future woman that does…even when she doesn’t want to.

This is what one little made bed shows me.

And I am thankful that God sees fit to include me in His great works by allowing me to peek into the future that He has already laid out.

And because of His graciousness and thoughtfulness, I can do this mama thing one more day.

In His Grace.


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