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History wrapped up in a big yellow school bus. I had no idea.

I reviewed the IndoctriNation DVD recently from Great Commission Films and I am so amazed at all of the information that I now know.

Indoctrination DVD - Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America |


After all of my personal research in regards to homeschool VS public school, I was still in the dark in so many areas.

The DVD that I watched was full of information about how the government has allowed many changes to come about in the premise of growing up the future generations. As a Christian parent, one of the hardest choices I had to make was to whether to send my children to public school or risk everything and homeschool. Well, you know the result of that particular choice, as we are a long time homeschool family.

As I watched Colin Gunn, producer and commentator of the film, board his big yellow school bus, I joined in a ride that I will not soon forget.

The beginning of the film was an account of what types of things that children in public schools are taught, by textbook, by teachers, by fellow students. I have to say, I was a little overwhelmed as some of the statistics were listed as well as the amount of sex, violence, drugs, and just plain indoctrination that is going on in schools. This may be based on public schools, but as a former Christian school graduate, sadly, the same things are there as well.

As a parent, I believe that it is my God given responsibility to train up these children that He saw fit to let me borrow for this short amount of time. Therefore, why in the world would I intentionally hustle my children out the door, 5 days a week, for 7+ hours a day so that someone else could “train” them. This is not something that my husband and I take lightly, and after watching this film, I doubt you will take it lightly either.

I watched as the timeline that Colin was showing me grew longer and longer, how slowly, like a nasty weed, the socialist, marxist, devilish ideas have crept into schools around our great nation. At times I sat with my mouth agape because I couldn’t believe that “that” was never taught to me while I was in school. Yet, at the same time, I completely understand why it was not.

The former teachers that were interviewed showed such a troubling situation for all schools and the government. As a homeschooler, a Christian homeschool, the way that these former teachers of the young people spoke about all of the common core nonsense, the test training, the lack of time allowed for one on one assistance, and the absolute No-No of speaking about God, well, it scared me. If I wasn’t already a homeschool mama, the stories they told, the statistics they shared, would be enough to make me really look into becoming a homeschooler.

IndoctriNation is a film that each parent should have the opportunity to watch. It may not change every parents ideas about public schools, private school, or even homeschool but if they are Christian parents, then well, it just might. God can do the impossible.

I enjoyed how well done this DVD was. It was visually appealing and the tone wasn’t pushy. I enjoyed the basic history that it showed and it is information that would be easily attainable in any library. My children did not watch the film with me, as it had information that I did not see was appropriate for their ears. It would be a great film thought for discussion with older teens, in my opinion.


You can visit Great Commission Films via these social networking links:


I hope you enjoyed the latest review and I hope you visit the vendors website to learn more!

Until next time!

In His Grace.





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