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History has a way of getting mixed up when the stories get passed down through the ages.

I thought I knew all about Sir William Wallace and Robert Bruce, until recently when I reviewed In Freedom’s Cause from Heirloom Audio Productions.

There is always more to a story usually and that is what I found out as we were regaled with the story of Sir William Wallace and Robert Bruce.


The behind the scenes story is much more in depth than I remember hearing about in my history class. This audio adventure is the base story and then some extra fun thrown in. The day that our CD arrived at our house, the kids and I hustled through dinner so we could begin listening to our newest audio adventure.

We downloaded the Study Guide so that we could use it to follow along with the story. The very first night, we listened to the first half of the 2 CD set. Within days we finished listening as we drove around town running errands.

We loved getting to know the main characters in the tale. My heart teetered on the edge of sadness and happiness through most of the story. The sadness and heartbreak was evident in the beginning of the story and was woven throughout. As the story evolved, there was moments of excitement and happiness, yet the most evident of emotions was the deep love for and trust in God.

Sir William Wallace was a man of great courage and had an incredibly strong trust in God. He relied on God for his personal strength and was known to carry a Psalter (like a book of Psalms or a Bible) around with him, even in battle. He was a huge influence in the life of Ned Forbes, one of the main characters in the story.

Robert Bruce was introduced as a man that was unable to help with the cause of Sir William Wallace because he was under the rule of King Edward. I’m pleased to say that later in the story Bruce proves his merit by joining in the fight for Scotland’s freedom.

With a star studded cast this audio adventure is sure to please!

Here are a few of my favorite quotes I heard throughout the story:

“A goat woo?!”

“The most powerful weapon against our enemies.”

“…over looks death to see Freedom…”

“Love can be dunderheaded.”

This story was also part romance as we watch Ned fall in love with a young woman and they begin their life together. With their union a feud that had carried on for centuries was able to be laid to rest.

As well as the audio CD, we also were able to review the Study Guide that is offered from the company. The Study Guide is broken down into sections that pair well with the story. When you use the study guide, it allows you to stop at certain intervals of the story. We enjoy the study guide because it has these extras:

  • Listening Well – questions that help the kids focus more on the story, which in turn helps develop comprehension skills.
  • Thinking Further – questions that help the dig deeper into the story, which in turn helps develop critical thinking skills.
  • Defining Words – words that (most likely) are new to the children, prompting vocabulary and research as they look up the words and meanings.
  • Notes on the history of Scotland
  • Bible Study – broken down into three parts sections for more of an in-depth look at the story as well as Biblical references to back up the truths being shared.

This was an emotional story. Poignant, touching, exciting, and full of Biblical truths. We give it 5 stars and are already looking for the next audio installment from Heirloom Audio Productions!

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I hope you enjoyed the latest review and we look forward to sharing our next one soon!

In His Grace.


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