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I was approached a while back via Facebook on the Mama’s Coffee Shop fan page and asked if I would be willing to review a coffee company and their product.


Avodah Coffee is a family run business recently acquired by owners Heather and Matt Cook.

The name Avodah comes from a Hebrew word that means work, service or sacrifice. That definition applies perfectly to what Avodah is all about. Avodah Coffee is a family ran business that allows us to work closely together, but also reach out and help impact the world. Consider us great coffee, with a conscious.

I was blessed to receive 4 bags of coffee from Avodah Coffee, they sent me 2 bags of ground coffee and 2 bags of whole bean. For the ground coffees, I received French Vanilla and Morning Brew, and for the whole bean coffee I received Guatemala and the Avodah Blend.

As I opened the box that my coffee arrived in, I was overwhelmed by the incredible smell, I’ve never had such a lovely aroma greet me as I opened a box! My first choice for tasting was the French Vanilla and oh, the smell and taste was heavenly! For me, I had to cut back on the coffee to water ratio, because it was flavored well! So, instead of my normal ratio of 4 scoops of coffee for 8 cups of water, I used 3 scoops per 8 cups – it was wonderful that way for me (and hubby.).

We experimented with the French Vanilla, Avodah Blend, the Guatemala, and the Morning Brew. Our favorites by taste for us were:

  1. French Vanilla
  2. Morning Brew
  3. Avodah Blend
  4. Guatemala

One of the most pleasant aspects of the Avodah Coffee Company is that all of the coffee beans are Certified Fair Trade. That is so wonderful because that means the growers, the farmers, and even the workers are treated fairly in every area of the coffee making process.

Also, the Avodah Coffee Company donates a portion of every single coffee sale to the charitable organization of Samaritans Purse, a worthy cause and a blessing to be connected to.

The company offers numerous ways to enjoy their coffee.

  • You can order either ground coffee or whole beans.
  • They offer shipping within one week of ordering.
  • There are Fundraising Opportunities.
  • Coffee Subscriptions.
  • You can sign up as an affiliate and earn a little money from each purchase.

As you can imagine, this is a coffee business run by coffee lovers! A company that is being run with high standards and excellent product. If you are looking for a company to support that follows along with your morals and beliefs, this is a company that I would recommend that you check out. I thoroughly enjoyed the coffee that was sent to me and I hope you take a moment to visit to learn more.

Here is the current list of coffees that are being offered for sale:

For those of you that want to purchase coffee now, Heather and Matt have graciously given a coupon code for you: freeshipping use this once you have added your coffee to your cart! YEA for Free Shipping!

Now comes the fun part of this review.

Matt and Heather want you to have a chance to try out their delicious coffee. Sooooooo, here is your opportunity to enter for TWO Bags of Fresh Roasted coffees Of Your Choice!

Here’s Hoping you Win – The Giveaway will run from Monday, March 2, 2015 starting at 12:01am and ending Friday, March 6, 2015 at 11:59pm (EST).

Best of Luck to You!

In His Grace.


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