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Mamas Coffee Shop - Real Life Homeschool -Technology

There are a lot of reasons why most people do not use electronics in their homeschool. We use them and we use them a lot.

I came to there realization a long time ago that I just don’t know everything. (Surprising I know.) And since my children are growing up in this amazing electronic age that we are in, we figured, why not tame the beast instead of letting it control us.

So, since there are waaaaay smarter people than myself, and since computers, phones, and tablets are in and around us constantly, why not utilize them for our benefit?

Mamas Coffee Shop - Using IXL in Our Homeschool

It all started way back when…when Isaiah was little, like really little, maybe 3 or 4 years old, with the JumpStart computer CD-Rom program. This thing was AH-mazing! Isaiah loved it and would happily sit and play. I figured there was something to this technology thing, so he blazed thorough all of those CD-Rom games in the next few years and the amount of information he retained was astounding.

From there it just seemed normal for each child coming into the “schooling” age, we would let them “play” on PSBKids and other fun sites that were age appropriate.

Well, I have to say, since finding out that the internet is filled with a plethora of brilliant people willing to share their knowledge ( we as a family have been using computer programs for years.

My oldest blew through the Aleks math program because it is all self paced, he has since moved from Aleks over to Khan Academy for his math and now the Aleks program is used by my daughter, Ana. She uses the Aleks most of the time for her math and it is sometimes supplemented by I figured once she has reached her pinnacle, the Aleks “class” will be passed down to Joseph.

Mamas Coffee Shop | iPad Use in Our Homeschool

We have used the following programs at some point or another, most are computer programs, some even are iPad applications:

  • Doodling Dragons (iPad app – Logic of English)
  • Talking Fingers (iPad app)
  • Middleburg Interactive (languages, we took French)
  • Hooked on Phonics (iPad app)
  • Phonograms (iPad app – Logic of English)
  • Minecraft (computer, tablets, and phones)
  • Nova Elements (iPad app)
  • WWF Together (World Wildlife Fund – animals)
  • ABC Mouse
  • Kindle (books and PDFs)

Again, let me reassure you that our children are not computer zombies, we use technology to help with the many things that our children would like to learn about. The fact that computer skills are going to be a part of their everyday lives, they might as well learn the skills here, and with the direct overview and intervention by the ones that love them the most, me and daddy.

They still do plenty of written work, math problems must be scratched out on paper before they can answer them correctly via computer. Spelling tests and grammar is usually practiced with pencils and paper as well. Bible verses must be handwritten, that makes it “stick” better anyway. They write stories, they color, they paint, glue, cut, and oh my, so much more!

We also use chalk boards, white boards, pens, markers, highlighters, colored pencils…we are not bound by this technology.

Mamas Coffee Shop | Under The Table with Computers to Homeschool

I, for one, am not opposed to technology (well, ya know, because of FB, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest…and this blog, lol), but I do believe that there is a limit to what each person should use, especially our children. Technology is but one of the most amazing ways that we are able to homeschool, because the internet and these educational programs bring the genius people, these “tutors”, straight to my house. My time, my terms, my rules, therefore it is excellent.

Just to share, not all of the above programs worked well for us, we tried and tested some and they just were not the right fit for our budding learners. But if they worked for you, YAY! Because as we all know, not everyone learns the same.

The absolute best part about using technology though, it travels well. Sooooooo, when daddy has time off, we can travel with him and STILL make time for school. The kids hate me for it, but this homeschool mama thinks that it is brilliant!

Thanks for spending the week with me and checking out what Real Life Homeschool looks like at my house!

See you soon.

In His Grace.


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