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Mama's Coffee Shop Blog - ArtAchieve Review


My daughter Ana has shown for years that she loves to draw, she is way better than I am but there is always room for improvement. When the oppurtunity arose for her to review the Entire Level 1 art classes from ArtAchieve I was so excited! Learning art from a real artist and teacher, YAY!, because I am NOT an artist by any means.


ArtAchieveArt Achieve logo

This is an entirely online art class. So we will need a computer that has internet access. You will also need to be able to use a video player to watch the video lessons or you will need to follow along with the lessons via the PowerPoint presentation. We used the videos because Ana is a better learner by being able to hear the instructions rather than just seeing images and reading them.

Once you have created your account with ArtAchieve you will then have access to free lessons, bundled lessons, and all Levels of art classes. We reviewed Entire Level 1 lessons 3-11. Each lesson has the following:

  • a PowerPoint presentation of the lesson
  • warm up of the lesson
  • video version of the lesson
  • your printout of the image that you will use for your class

There is a page that shows you what media or art supplies you will need for each level of classes. For Entire Level 1 this is the list that we used to make sure Ana could complete her art lessons:

  • black felt tipped pen (Sharpie)
  • washable colored markers
  • glossy printer paper (we used photo paper)
  • oil pastels
  • colored pencils
  • watercolor pencils
  • acrylic paint

Not listed above but we used printer paper for the warmup lessons.

After you log into your account, then you begin by using the PowerPoint version or the video version the lesson. The art teacher, John, goes over what the lesson will be about. Then you will begin with the warmup lesson. This helps to loosen your hands and fingers for better drawing later.


Mama's Coffee Shop Blog - ArtAchieve WarmUp


Mama's Coffee Shop Blog - ArtAchieve Video Watching


Then John walks you though how to draw each object in the lesson. He gives incredible step-by-step directions that are super easy to understand. Not only does John provide step-by-step instructions, he actually draws the picture as well as provides instruction. So if you are like me, you are able to see what he is explaining, which is extremely helpful.

Each video is between 25-30 minutes in length. This is a through art class and John covers a lot of mediums used in art. There is ample time to pause each video and complete the task that John is asking you to do. The atmosphere in each video is relaxed and intended to be enjoyable and fun.


How This Worked for Us

For the very first lesson that Ana was to review, I sat and went through the lesson with her. John has a smooth and relaxed voice making him easy to listen to. He gives clear instructions, and plenty of time in each video for the kids (or adults) to complete the art steps he is asking of you.

Once Ana made her way through the first lesson, she was ready to move on to the next lesson. Having someone teach her art was a huge relief for me. I am not an art teacher at all, crafts I can handle, but not drawing like this. John is an excellent teacher and he makes art less painful for me!

Once Ana had completed the first two lessons, she was ready to work through all of them. Here are some of the pictures that she completed during this review.


Mama's Coffee Shop Blog - Dragonfly Pictures


Mama's Coffee Shop Blog - ArtAchieve Finished Project


I even tried my hand at some of the creatures that John was teaching Ana how to draw. I am better with words than I am with a drawing implement, so be kind. 🙂


Mama's Coffee Shop Blog - ArtAchieve My Work


This was a fun review and Ana had a blast using this online art class! She has already finished the lessons that we reviewed and she is going to go back and redo them again she said. If she does, I will update this post with her newer pictures!


Social Corner



I hope you enjoyed this review, please visit my fellow Crew members to see what materials they reviewed from ArtAchieve:




The kids and I cannot wait to share the next review with you, so please visit again soon!

In His Grace.







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