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Do you love history? Do you love audios? Then you will LOVE the newest audio drama called Beric the Briton from Heirloom Audio Productions! This is just another incredible production that draws you into history with a fantastic retelling of a classic G.A. Henty tale.


Beric the Briton

The Story

Beric is a brave young Briton that has had enough of the Romans coming into rule his land. With his mother’s approval he learns to fight and becomes not only good at fighting but also at leading. Beric The Briton Cover Image_zpswtfjirrrWithin in a short time he is a chief of his clan and a young man of his word. He is honorable and a dedicated solider. As the battles increase in Briton with the Romans Beric is given more duties and more responsibilities.

Then Briton’s king is killed and the queen is leading the main charges against the Roman invaders. The queen requires much from Beric but ultimately the Romans prevail and capture many of the Britons. They are then made prisoners and are put on ships to head back to Rome. On the way to Rome Beric is told of a great and noble man, Christus. A solider that was guarding Beric and his fellow Britons told of a man that they had as a prisoner, Paulus. Paul shared that this man Christus gave his life for all they would believe in him and that He was the son of the one true God. Beric and many others accepted this as truth and held it secretly in their hearts.

Once in Rome, Beric and his men are informed that since they are mighty warriors that they will be trained as gladiators. At the time, Nero was Emperor of Rome, and a crazy man for sure. During one such battle, Nero had a man in the coliseum that he demanded say that He (Nero) was the King of all. The man refused and claimed that God was the King of All. Nero became infuriated and had lions released into the coliseum. Then, Nero had the man’s cousin, Amelia, brought into the coliseum. She also denied Nero as King and claimed God as her king. Beric stepped in to save her by taking down a large lion, and won the favor of Nero.

But winning the favor of Nero was not always a good thing. After a time, this favor fell away and Beric had to flee Rome. By the grace and protection of God, Beric, Amelia, and some of their fellow Britons were finally able to make passage back home, upon hearing the news of Nero’s death.

The Study Guide

This is always such a wonderful addition to the audio. It is full of goodness and I so enjoy using this study guide in the house while we are listening to the CD. There are a few different sections in the study guide that I want to share.

  • Listening Well – this section is full of questions to ask your student(s) to see if they are truly listening to the story. It is broken into sections so that the questions being asked pertain to the recent section that was being listened to.
  • Thinking Further – this section is designed to get your student(s) to dig deeper into the story and find a deeper meaning. This is great for extra discussion, especially for older students. It also only pertains to the most recent section that was being listened to.
  • Defining Words – this is section that has vocabulary words listed from the most recent section. This is beneficial for more than just listening skills.


Our Thoughts 

Once again we are amazed and blessed by the production of this audio drama. We loved hearing about Beric’s story and how the Lord protected him from day one. The story had a lot less action then some of the pervious audios we have gotten from Heirloom Audio, but the story itself held us captivated the entire time.

I enjoyed the dedication that Beric showed throughout the entire production. This man was a man of honor, integrity, and was willing to sacrifice himself for others without thought or concern for himself. This is what a man of God looked like and still looks like today.

This audio drama is a fantastic history class and we are always delighted to be able to listen, ask questions, and dig deeper into the story. The study guide is such a wonderful tool, and always helps me to encourage the kids to think harder about what we listen to, to question more, and learn more than just what they heard.

We have yet to be disappointed with anything we have been blessed to review from Heirloom Audio Productions! We look forward to what G.A. Henty tale they bring us next!

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I hope that you enjoyed this review and that you come back to visit soon to see what else the kids and I are reviewing!

In His Grace.







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