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Online Homeschool Classes

With so many choices out there to educate your children, why would you choose anything that doesn’t align with your beliefs? Online homeschool classes that reflect Christian beliefs and absolutely No Common Core. Ever. is an online resources for ALL parents that are interested in teaching their children truth based studies. With classes that range from PreSchool Bible Study to High School History. This site allows your child(re) to move at their own pace, with quality materials.

My kids love and would rather “do” school on this site than any other site we have used for school. Furthermore the ease of the site is wonderful and it allows me as a parent to let my kids pick and choose what classes they would like to take without fear of something inappropriate coming into play. The comfort from that alone makes my subscription a wonderful value!

Here are some of the classes that my kids have taken while using

  • Classical Archeology
  • Filmmaking
  • Image Creation and Editing
  • Experience Video Making 
  • American Folklore
  • Ditch the Desk
  • Everyday Easels 

This is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak, there are almost 300 classes for you and your child(ten) to pick from. I am so in love with this site that I want to make sure that I share it with you! As a frugal homeschool mama, this site is by far the best BANG for our buck as we can get. Subscribers will find that the classes are well laid out, easy to understand, and they are full of solid material. I am so impressed by the teachers that produce these classes, they are outstanding in their dedication. Well done!

Often times when someone posts about a program, they may have just glanced over the site and then wrote a nice sounding review. Well, not here. I have been dedicated to using this site for well over three years and I do not see any reason that I would stop now. The potential for MORE and BIGGER and BETTER just keeps on coming.

I hope you are able to grab this deal of TWO YEARS for the price of ONE (A $139 value!) before the end of this month. Do not delay, because with a site this amazing, there is NO WAY they can keep this price point for very long. I totally expect to see a price hike with all of the incredible classes that they offer. So, hurry and get your subscription to NOW.

In His Grace.


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