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I have reviewed Middlebury Interactive Languages before with the Homeschool Review Crew, but this year Isaiah got to review High School Spanish 1! What an incredible program that is so very beneficial it our homeschool, we just LOVE this company!


Middlebury Interactive Languages High School Spanish 1


If you have not heard of Middlebury Interactive Language before let me share a little bit about this company. I said before that we LOVE them, and we truly do. It is an incredible online program that teaches foreign languages. This time around we were blessed to be able to use the High School Spanish 1 course.

This class has:

  • 36 units total (semester 1 & 2) – 90 lessons per semester
  • average 5 lessons per unit
    • each lesson has between 10 – 20 different aspects
    • language intro
    • vocabulary words
    • phrases
    • voice and speaking practice (speaking lab)
    • quizzes
    • matching
    • reading aloud
    • tests
  • 1 midterm and 1 final for each semester




The welcome section does a wonderful job of introducing the language and culture to the student. It also has an overview which allows the student to know what to expect from each semester of the course. As this is a high school course, it is much more intense than the elementary language courses that we have used before.




This is one of the vocabulary sections in Unit 1 Lesson 1. The program is so easy to use that after reading the instructions, the student clicks on the speaker icon and the program says the greetings (or any of the other speaking sections.). It is so nice that this program is as user friendly as it appears to be. Isaiah has not had to ask for assistance once with this class.




This is a nice feature of the program also. This is a pop quiz that Isaiah had to take. As you can see, he only got 8/10 correct. Now, this program does allow the student to go back and retest if need be, but as a mama to a high school student, I do not encourage Isaiah to go back a retake the quizzes. My thought, he should have been more prepared. But the option is available to have a student retake a quiz or test if needed.




This is a section that Isaiah will reach in the next day or so. This is a journal assignment. He will be graded on many components, so he will really need to pay attention! I love that this program does not have just the hear, speak, repeat features that so many other programs do. This is a well rounded program that my children enjoy.


How This Worked for Us

Middlebury Interactive Languages is very easy to use, as I mentioned before. This type of program can be self paced or calendar led paced. We choose to do self paced her at my house. There are some days that Isaiah can do more than one lesson, so it helps when he is “really getting it” and he can continue. Other days, one lesson is enough for him. For him to complete the entire course in the allotted time, he will need to do at least 3 weeks of lessons in an entire month. So far he is on par to do just that.

Since this program is pretty self explanatory, I have given Isaiah some deadlines but ultimately, he is in charge of this course.

As homeschoolers we have the option to credit any appropriate work as we see fit (at least here in my state). That being said, I have no issue with Isaiah completing the courses here on Middlebury and assigning him credit for the foreign language. But according to Middlebury’s site the courses are not credit bearing.

Are Middlebury Interactive courses credit-bearing?


No, however, students can and should discuss with their school counselor/mentor the options of receiving placement consideration and or/credit from their school if they successfully complete the courses.


Middlebury Interactive Languages takes pride in the academic rigor and integrity of our courses, instruction and professional development offerings. To ensure that we maintain—and continually improve on—this level of academic excellence, we align our courses with the standards of the leading world language and digital learning organizations (ACTFL and iNACOL).


We also strive to align our courses with the state standards in the states we serve, as well as federal Common Core standards. Additionally, we are working with Johns Hopkins University to conduct a third-party assessment on the efficacy of our instructional materials and approach.

I am confidant that as a high school sophomore Isaiah will retain sufficient quantities so that he will be credited in our homeschool for the courses.

I do not think that I can rave enough about how much my children and I adorable Middlebury Interactive Languages! In our opinion it is one of the best ways to learn a foreign language!

If you would like to see what other courses Middlebury has, visit my fellow Crew members to see what they had to say:




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I hope you enjoyed this latest homeschool product review. Visit HERE to read more reviews on some of the coolest homeschool products we have blessed to be given to review. I look forward to sharing the next thing the children and I review, so come back soon!

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