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This is it y’all. The end of another year.

Let’s take a good hard look at the past year and let us vow to make necessary changes where needed.

I heard a fantastic teaching the other night at church and it resonated so well with me. And others because another speaker had the same message that the Lord laid on her heart. Ultimately, are we as Christians producing the fruit of Christ or are we some beat up ornaments that need some tender loving care?

Are we dusty and in need of some Jesu breath breathed into our souls? Or are we brand new shiny pieces that have yet to be blemished by life? But seriously, are we in need of more time one on one with the Lord?

I know for a fact that I am in need of all of the time I can get with my Jesus. This year has been a rough year.

As I reflect back, I am blessed in so many ways, but do I always find the joy in those blessings? Do I take the much needed time to truly appreciate how God has placed me in the places He has this year? No, I don’t. And that needs to change. Out With the Old and In With the New.

Have a taken time to get to know the women I spend Sunday mornings with in Sunday School? Or do I take time to let someone know I  missed them? Yes, I know that going to Sunday School is for learning to dig deeper into God’s word, and that happens, but it doesn’t mean I should neglect others, right? This needs to change. Out With the Old and In With the New.

M children need me to be more present. My husband needs me to be more present.

I need to make time, not just “find” time for the Lord. I envision Jesus sitting on a bench waiting for me to show up . . . and sometimes I never do. That MUST change. I will be starting up Midnights with Jesus again soon. I need to make time, even if it is late at night. I need this. Desperately I need Jesus. And He wants me to Just Show Up.

Reflection is almost a bad thing, ya know? It makes us see some of the things that we thought we were pretty good at hiding. Maybe that is why the beginning of the year is always so full of change for people. Because they took a hard look at what was really going on in their lives. Like I have done.

Y’all, this year needs to be a true year of change. A 180° change.

My health, my husband’s health must improve. We won’t be around forever and my children need the best me they can get. So that means major changes for me. And for this, I REALLY need me some heavy doses of Jesus. I need Him to help me banish some bad habits and help me create some awesome new ones. For my health, for my self esteem, for my peace. Y’all, I want to love the skin I’m in again . . . it has been too many years.

This coming year is for me to focus on ALL of the good and wonderful things that the Lord has blessed mw with. My husband, my children, my health, my job, and so much more.

Reflect and take some notes y’all , join me in making 2017 a year of TRUE CHANGE.

In His Grace,





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