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Digital Homeschool Products


If you are anything like me, and I mean anything, then you are one crazy busy homeschool mama! I spin a lot of plates around here and on occasion, I even let one drop. Seriously. If homeschooling came with instructions, I would be the first in line to grab my own copy!

There is one enormous benefit that I have come to enjoy as a homeschool mama though. The fact that we do not have to be tied to our house each day. We have the opportunity to travel, and I can take school with us. It is by far one of the coolest perks to being a homeschool family.

How is that possible? Due to the fact that a bunch of the kids’ school work is online as well as in the form of digital products.

Here is a peek at some of the books that I have in digital form that we use (or have used) in our homeschool:

BYB2016 - Digital Products Used


Digital Homeschool Products Work for All Ages


Each one of the digital books above was originally purchased for a specific child in my house but because it is a digital product, I have been blessed to use these with every child.

1. First and foremost, the number one reason I love using digital products (or eBooks) in our homeschool is that it saves storage space. I do not have to work about more bookcases and / or finding room for those extra bookcases! It simply is easier to have numerous eBooks, classes, even full curricula at the touch of my hand verses hunting down a particular book.

2. The next reason that I love using digital products is because I have children that have issues with errors on their papers. (Read that as – I print and re-print A LOT of pages around here!). So the fact that I do not have to worry about the numerous times I print the same page, helps me in the long run.

3. I have a six and a half year gap between my boys so I am pleased that I can buy a product and keep it and reuse it with another child. Or on the occasions where the product is so loved that I repeated requests to print the same pages from say, the LEGO book.

4. Then I breathe a sigh of relief when I only have to print on section of a product because there is a portion that some kid isn’t ready for or the fact that only some of the pages go with the lesson. It sure save me a ton of time and money on printer paper!

5. One of the best reasons to buy digital products for use in your homeschool is the fact that it will travel anywhere with you. On a laptop or a tablet. It is entirely too convenient to get school work done while running errands or traveling. It is a wonderful perk that we as a family enjoy, there is little that ties us down so that we must stay home and “get school done”.

6. A big favorite for me is that fact that as soon as I place an order for a digital product, it is immediately made available to me. I know, instant gratification is not always a good thing, but in this instance, it is so cool! Quick and easy. A+ in my book.

7. And the absolutely most thrilling reason to use digital products in your homeschool . . . it is usually soooo much cheaper than physical products. LOW PRICES on school supplies and products will absolutely make me giddy!

So, if for no other reason than the cheap prices – the more bang for your buck – and this is why I believe that Digital Homeschool Products Work.

For more information on ALL SORTS of digital products, check out the Biggest Homeschool Sale of the Year, it returns every year, so keep a look out for it!

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