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I have a s struggling reader. Deep down I know the science behind the ability to read but when it is your child that is struggling, well, the science doesn’t seem to matter. We have been reviewing Eclectic Foundations Language Arts Level B from Eclectic Foundations and it is has been an absolute hit with Joseph! My struggling reader is having a much better time learning to read because this program focuses on MORE than just reading.

Eclectic Foundations Level B

This program is designed to be used with fledgling readers. It covers a multitude of subjects, such as:

  • McGuffey’s Reader – improving reading skill and learning parts of speech
  • Phonics – sight word recognition and memory work
  • Handwriting – introduction to cursive, practicing cursive, and copy work
  • Poetry – rhyming words and oral comprehension
  • Grammar –  learning parts of speech and learning how words work together

Our review set included a lot of pieces yet each one is integral to the completeness of this language arts class. We received the following items:

  • McGuffey’s First Reader (graciously printed off and provided for us)
  • Level B Student Workbook (287 pages and spiral bound)
  • Level B Teacher’s Guide (149 pages and spiral bound)
  • Phonics Practice Sheets (laminated and spiral bound)
  • Word Cards (printed on card stock)

Only basic household items are needed for this language arts course. Here are some items we needed during our class time:

  • scissors or paper cutting machine for the Word Cards
  • crayons or colored pencils for the Word Cards
  • storage bags or recipe card holder box with dividers for the Word Cards
  • pencil
  • dry erase board, dry erase marker, and  dry erase eraser OR
  • chalk board, chalk, and eraser


Language Arts Isn’t So Bad

I used to think that language arts was the most boring part of school. Yes, I would like to be a published writer one day, but that is what editors are for! And teaching language arts, seriously not my cup of coffee. Until this curriculum made it to me I had no idea that teaching language arts could be fun, for me and my student.

The lessons are easy to understand, therefore making it even easier to teach. No long drawn out (boring) instructions that I have a hard time following, let alone trying to teach to my young, some times unwilling student. The prep work is minimal for each lesson, and it does not take very long to get going once you sit down.

The longest part of the class is when we get to the handwriting portion. But that is completely understandable considering that Joseph is still a sloppy writer. BUT, the cursive portion is even creating a child that WANTS to write. He has taken to wanting to practice his name in cursive in the evenings. A child interested is a child that is learning. And Joseph is obviously learning to love cursive thanks to this course.



Language arts isn’t just learning cursive though. This curriculum is a well rounded language arts class. The repetition used has Joseph remembering what was discussed in the previous lesson. So far he has been introduced to poetry (I’m horrible, I’ve never really read a poem to any of the kids – just verses from the Bible) and then we discuss the poems, which helps with comprehension.

He has also be introduced to parts of speech (playing Mad Libs isn’t sufficient, or so they say) which he seems to be grasping well. The coloring of the parts of speech helps break up the monotony os this portion of our lesson. There is also the reading, writing, and recitation of the sight words given in each lesson. This is working for training his little brain to actually remember the words we are teaching.



How It Worked for Us

Joseph doesn’t mind reviewing homeschool products but sometimes the first attempt is always hard. I am pleased to say that with this Eclectic Foundations Language Arts Level B it went so smoothly!

Once we had our needed household items we would sit and get to work. Each esson at most was taking us 30-45 minutes a day. Sometimes even less if the lesson was a shorter one. Each lesson consists of a combination of using the McGuffey’s Reader, reading poetry from the Student Book, comprehension questions about the current poem, instructing about parts of speech, and handwriting.

So far, Joseph’s favorite part is the cursive portion of the day. Just yesterday he asked if we could do two lessons instead of just one so he could do more cursive practice. That just blesses my heart and makes me so happy! When learning is enjoyable for every one involved, well, it just makes life better here at home. We ended up using a yellow highlight to encourage him to stay as true to the letters as possible. He liked that it was a bit easier and from then on he would ask if I could do the first line or two. This way he was more comfortable and less likely to make too many mistakes.



Joseph wasn’t too sure of the poetry at first but now he is enjoying hearing (and reading on occasion) the poems in the book. This is a delight for me as I’m not one that reads poetry out loud very often. So this is a nice pace for both of us.

We are a ways into the class and expect to move on to Level C once we are finished, due to the fact that Joseph seems to enjoy this far more than any other LA we have used in the past.


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I hope you enjoyed this latest homeschool product review and that you visit again soon to see what else the kids and I get to share with you!

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