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So many times I see homeschool products for the kids and think, I would never be able to get my hands on something like that! Then the Lord blesses my pea-pickin’ little heart and let’s us review things like Apologia Educational Ministries’ Marine Biology 2nd Edition Advantage Set, an incredible homeschool marine biology course! This is by far one of the coolest products that I have have the pleasure of reviewing!

Homeschool Marine Biology

We were blessed to review the following products from Apologia:

  • Exploring Creation with Marine Biology (2nd Edition) – this hardbound book covers in depth info about the following subjects in 16 modules:

    • The Oceans of Our Planet
    • Life in the Sea
    • The First Four Kingdoms
    • Marine Invertebrates I
    • Marine Invertebrates II
    • Marine Vertebrates I
    • Marien Vertebrates II
    • Marien Ecology
    • The Intertidal Zone
    • Estuary Communities
    • Coral Reefs
    • Continental Shelf Communities
    • The Epipelagic Zone
    • The Deep Ocean
    • Ocean Resources
    • Effects of Humans on the Sea
  • Exploring Creation with Marine Biology (2nd Edition) Student Notebook – this spiral bound notebook is the ultimate study guide for this course! For each module you will see the following:

  • Section One has:
    • Note Taking Pages
    • On Your Own Questions
    • Study Guide Questions (define the terms and questions and answers section)
    • Optional Summary of the Module (fill in the blank questions)
  • Section Two has:
    • All of the experiments for the course
      • Purpose
      • Materials needed
      • Question
      • Hypothesis
      • Procedure
    • Hypothesis section to record your hypothesis
    • Observation section to record observations
    • Sketch section to draw “what you see” in your observation
  • Exploring Creation with Marine Biology (2nd Edition) MP3 Audio Book – this CD is the complete audio recording of the course.

  • Exploring Creation with Marine Biology (2nd Edition) Solutions and Tests Packet

How This Worked for Us

Ultimately I reviewed most of this course (see my chicken scratch above, lol). But let me tell you, it was like being back in school all over again! I simply LOVED this course and will be going over it again with my children.

The hardbound textbook was so easy to read and understand (not to mention, it is FULL of gorgeous images!). There was never a time that I was confused, it was laid out well and much easier read than the textbooks I remember form school. It has highlighted sections that are obviously set apart for terms that you will need to know. Makes it much easier to go bak and look up the terms when doing the defining terms section in the Student Notebook! This also pretty much eliminated the use of a highlighter. Which is nice because then the textbook can be used with other children.

The Student Notebook is amazing! The sections described above make it so effective when you are woking through the modules. As I read I took notes in my notebook in the note taking section. Then as I came across the “Complete the “on your own” Questions” section I would hop over and complete those in my notebook before reading on. The layout of the Student Notebook absolutely is a wonderful addition to this course! I would not purchase any course form Apologia without making sure I could get the Student Notebook as well. It encourages note taking and makes it simple to complete all work before moving on with the course.

The Marine Biology 2nd Edition Audio CD is by far one of the BEST products that I have come across in my homeschool years. This MP3 audio book is the COMPLETE textbook in an audio version. This has been incredible because Ana is an auditory learner and this will be a tremendous help when it comes time for her to begin this course. It is read by Marissa Leonard and she is so easy to listen to. I am very pleased that this was part of our review, it is a wonderful resource!

The last wonderful portion of this review was the fact that Apologia sent us the Solutions (all the answers for the Student Notebook) and the Tests for the entire course! What a fantastic addition and a huge blessing! There are tests for each module and then there are quarterly tests.

This is a FULL one year course that is intended for a complete 45 week class. This counts as one full credit for science.

I leaned an amazing amount of information during this review! Things that I thought I already knew, but was surprised to learn. And that is so fun for me! I STILL get to learn even as I homeschool my kids. This is a very in depth course but it is enjoyable and it was well worth looking into for your children if they would love to learn more about Life at Sea.

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I hope you enjoyed this review and that you visit again soon to see what else the kids and I want to share with you!

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