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Taking time out of your day to do something kind for someone else is always an appreciated gesture, and it’s a great way to make someone’s day a bit brighter while putting a bit of pep into your own step. And, your kids will benefit from seeing you do these acts AND it will encourage them to be bold and do some on their own!

Whether you’re in need of some good karma or simply want to do something nice for someone else, here are 30 acts of kindness you can perform today (or any day!):


Acts of Kindness


01 – Donate unused books, clothing, kitchen appliance or technology to someone in need.

02 – Bake cookies. Give them to your mailman, your neighbor or your coworkers.

03 – Assemble care bags filled with treats and toiletries and pass them out to those in need.

04 – Hold the door for someone.

05 – Put some spare change in a vending machine. The next person to stop by will be surprised by a free (or discounted) treat!

06 – Send a quick email or note to someone – just to say hello!

07 – Write down a few compliments on Post-It notes. Leave them on bathroom mirrors or in other places that strangers will find them.

08 – Pick up litter in the parking lot or along the sidewalk and throw it away. Bonus points – if it’s recyclable, recycle it!

09 – Pay it forward at the gas station or in the drive-thru.

10 – Give a compliment to a stranger.

11 – Pass out cold drinks on a hot day to people working outdoors – construction workers and mail carriers are great candidates.

12 – Hide coupons near products at the grocery store to surprise someone with a discount.

13 – Do someone a favor.

14 – Leave feedback on a comment card or with a manager to acknowledge great customer service.

15 – Give someone a gift “just because”.

16 – Listen without interrupting.

17 – Hide extra quarters at the laundromat for the next person to find.

18 – Say thank you to someone who doesn’t hear it as often as they should – janitors, policemen, and crossing guards are all great options.

19 – Pay the toll for the person behind you.

20 – In line at the store with a cart full of stuff? Let someone with only a few items check out before you.

21 – Donate to a GoFundMe or charitable cause or community initiative.

22 – Let someone else have your seat on the bus or the train if it’s busy.

23 – Pull your neighbor’s trash cans back to the house, rake their leaves or shovel their driveway.

24 – Write someone a letter to let them know you’re thinking about them.

25 – Offer to share something, whether it’s your snack or a park bench.

26 – Stop by your local animal shelter and donate spare towels and blankets, dog food, or pet toys.

27 – Share a smile with a stranger on the street.

28 – If you live somewhere cold, scrape the ice off someone else’s windshield.

29 – Leave a tip when it’s optional, like at a coffee shop.

30 – Be kind to yourself! Treat yourself to a long bath, your favorite dessert, or the latest episode of your favorite show.

I’m sure you can think of some more to add to this list. This is more like a jumping off point. Becuase, ya know, sometimes we need a little push in the right direction.

What types of kindnesses do you do or have you done in the past?

Be kind today. Everyone deserves your best.

In His Grace,


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