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If not checked, homeschooling can be quite pricey. Some parents go overboard on the purchases they make as they homeschool. If you have a critical look at some of the things we buy for homeschooling, we might find that we could actually do without most of them. For the parents looking to save some money on their homeschooling, here are a few tips that might be of great assistance.

Use the library

The library is a great resource that many of us ignore. There are many books and other resources that could be useful to your kids as they homeschool.  Most libraries are free to use, making this a great way to homeschool for free.

Use online resources

The internet is now rife with materials that you can take advantage of when you are schooling for free. You can find the answer to almost any question on earth on the internet. There are channels, blogs, and resources that are dedicated to helping you homeschool without piling up huge costs.

Find other homeschoolers

You can always find a community of other homeschoolers who have experience homeschooling and learn a few tips and tricks. Try connecting with those within your community or go online if you do not find these communities. Many homeschoolers engage in a homeschooling co-op that allows them the flexibility to exchange resources and save money in the process.

Many homeschoolers are willing to share their resources especially if their kids have already covered that grade. Others will sell the same to you at very low prices.

Find discounted resources

You can always find ways to buy cheap resources or get them for free within your community. For instance, garage sales are a great way to find art and craft resources at a throwaway price. You can hunt for these discounts in the thrift shops, yard sales and even online.

TV and radio programs

The TV could also be a great place to find homeschooling resources. There are numerous TV programs that are educational and designed for the kids. Find these channels and tune to them. For instance, your kids could learn a thing or two about wild animals by watching Animal Planet or NatGeo.

Take the kids on a field trip

The beauty of homeschooling is that you do not need a pre-scheduled road trip. You can always come up with something on the go and learning will still continue. Find cheap or free places to take your kids. For instance, you can take them to the museum, park or the fire station in your neighborhood. They will learn a lot from these trips and you will most likely save some money.

Recycle curriculums

There is no need to buy need curriculums every year for the other kids. You can always recycle the curriculums and use them for the younger kids. The variations are too minimal and you will be able to save some money in the process. Curriculums and homeschooling resources are meant to last for some time before they become redundant.

As you can see, there are many ways to homeschool for free. But knowing you, I bet you can think of more than just ones I listed. So go out there and find those free resources my homeschool friend and homeschool on!

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