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Library Educational Services, LLC

This review is one of the coolest reviews we have done lately. Why? Because almost all of the items that we got to review from Library and Educational Services, LLC were books! And y’all know how much I LOVE books. We got to review a couple different items like, a Who Was . . . ? book and a Lifehouse Theater CD PLUS some pretty fantastic books from their newest “section” on their site, the Reinforced Hardcover Library Binding Non-Fiction Books (these are so amazing!).


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Here’s what we got to review:

Lifehouse Theater CDs

This is a fun way to get quality books into your life. Fully Dramatized Audio Adventure books. We were delighted to review The Misadventures of Tom Sawyer from Library and Educational Services, LLC.

We have used audio adventures in the past but not this particular one. This was fun and easy to listen to. This audio adventure was ony 70 minutes long, which for us was perfect. It was our ride to church one morning.

in this adventure we were able to listen to the misadventures of Tom Sawyer which allowed us to hear Tom’s interaction with his Aunt Polly, his attempted wooing of new love Rebecca Thacher, and his daily craziness that he shared with Hucklenerry Finn.

I cracked up at Tom’s antics and laughed out loud numerous times during the adventure! What a delightful way to hear all about Tom, Huck, Jim, and Injun Joe. We truly enjoyed this audio adventure and for the price that these are being offered, we will most likely be making more purchases in the future.

For those that would prefer to listen to a classic book instead of reading it or having it read to them, this seems like the perfect way to do it!

Who Was . . . ?

Have you ever read those books that have hte characture on the front? You know the ones with the big head of the person on the front? These are such cool books to read. They are often about historical figures but they also write about curent people as well.

The one we got from Library and Educational Services, LLC was one we hadn’t read yet. Who Was Joan of Arc? This book shares all of the amazing things that happened in Joan of Arc’s life.

From when she heard the angel at the age of thirteen to hearing that at age sixteen she was to help the daupin (Charles) become king of France. This young woman went on to do thrilling and fantastic things in her lifetime, including being outfitted as a knight, bearing a sword that was buried for years, helping to make Charles king, to being caputured. A thrilling and phenomenal life she led!

These books include Who Was . . . ? What Was . . . ? Who Is . . . ? in the sereis. All of which are great for history, geography, reading lessons and much more. With so many titles avaible, you’ll want them all!

Reinforced Hardcover Library Binding Nonfiction Books

Books. If you know me AT ALL you know that I have a deep love for books. Hardcover ones are my absolute favorite. Why specifically hardcover books? Because the books stay much nicer when the cover is hardcover. No nicks in the covers, no torn covers, no wrinkled covers, etc. . .

And becuase of this, this is one of my favorite places to shop on Library and Educational Services, LLC, the reinforced library binding section. These books are made to withstand all of the use that most books get when purchased for library use. Right? Right! And becuase they are specially designed for hard core use, they are perfect for the many readers I have in my house! Durability is a HUGE plus for me and these books fit the bill!

We were blessed to review lots of fun books from the non-fiction side of the reinforced hardcover library binding section.

We delved into the life of pirates with a set of books from Edge Books. These books grouped all sorts of facts about pirates, including their life, what they ate, did they really bury treasure, their ships, and more. My son Joseph loved reading these and went through them very quickly. Ultimatley, he devoured all of the pirate facts he could!

We also were able to pick up some incredible resource books about the Renaissance and Reformation. These are chock full of facts, detailed information about the people, the places, and more. We especially enjoyed the images that were in the book that allowed us to see famous works of art that came out of the Renaissance.

And the last set of reinforced hardcover books that we reviewed was a set of history books. These books are dedicated to one individual at a time. These are fantastic books for history lessons. I love that I can use them to invoke conversations about the ear, the people, the places, customs, and life in general with these books. They are a wonderful addition to all of our living books collection.

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My Final Thoughts

This is a company that I have used for a very long time. I absolutely love how easy it is to order from them and I am promised that I will have a wonderful experience, they have excellent customer service.

I am not even counting the physical products that we are always purchasing from them which are incredible. The library binding is my favorite for numeous reasons. One reason alone, do you have any idea how hard children can be with books? EXACTLY. Durability is the key in this house. and Library and Educational Services, LLC fits the bill!

I hope you enjoyed this review and hope that you come back again soon to see what else the kids and I have to share with you!

In His Grace,








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