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I may be what you consider a “grammar Nazi” but truth be told, I stink at correct usage of grammar. Especially the written kind. Meaning, it makes it difficult to teach proper grammar to my children. So low and behold I came across this review and was so beyond blessed to be able to review Easy Grammar: Grade 3 from Easy Grammar Systems. Y’all, my life has been changed forever. Literally the easiest way I have come across to teach proper grammar since I began homeschooling 13 years ago. Bonus, my kids don’t hate me anymore.

Easy Grammar: Grade 3

Easy Grammar takes an interesting approach to learning grammar. It teaches all of the prepositions to the student first. Not understanding why that was when I flipped through the book, once I read the intro it made sense. If a student can recognize a preposition and a prepositional phrase, it can then be eliminated from the sentence and the student can identify the noun and verb. Or the simply subject can then be easily identified.

Hence the name, easy grammar.

Here is a breakdown of this book:

  • 480 pages
  • only 28 prepositions will be introduced
  • assessments provided for student
  • worksheets
  • easy reading for students
  • review pages
  • tests
  • writing

There is an assessment that the student can take at the beginning of the book. This assessment test will be a tool that you can use to measure how much the student has learned by the end of the book. I like the fact that the instructions encourage you to NOT share the pre-class test assessment with the student as it might discourage them. I know this to be very true for my children. I followed that advice and did not share their results with them. I have already seen marked improvement in how they are retaining this new information.

Grammar may come easier in the spoken form but the written form has been an issue for me to teach. I honestly don’t know how I managed to pass in school because I seriously only remember a fraction of this information. I am so grateful for Easy Grammar Systems. I have found that it is now easier to teach which means I am no longer frustrated trying to teach and in turn that allows my students to learn better.

Bonus for me – this company allows for copies to be made out of the book for EVERY student that you have using this. Two-fold for me: one, because I have two kiddos that seriously need to be in this same grade level, and two, because the book has the answers directly across the page from the student worksheet. No fear togh, if you do not have a copier. The company also sells the individual student workbooks on their site.

How This Worked for Us

The lessons are rather short so we managed to work on 3-4 pages a day, depending on how well the kids were retaining the information. Some days we would be working for upwards of 30-45 minutes on the lessons. Usually only when they were required to physically write out a lot of words. (I have those kids that hate to write anything) And often we would do a lesson or two orally because it was based more on memorization versus having to write out answers. Those days the kids loved this even more, as you can well imagine.

We have worked our way through the prepositions and have begun our trek into verbs. Thank goodness because I remember and understand verbs a whole lot better! Which, of course, makes it even easier to teach those lessons.

 I am excited to see the posttest assessment when the time comes. As I believe that both Ana and Joseph have truly (finally) had a grammar course that they understand and are not so frustrated using. And, it is helping me too. Another bonus in my book!

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My Final Thoughts

After all of the years that I have been homeschooling (and teaching my children) I do believe that this is by far THE easiest grammar courses we have ever taken.  

No other course makes it so very easy to understand and this one does EXACTLY that. I feel more confident in my own abelites to use this course now with my kids. Which I thought I had found that in other courses but alas, this is now my favorite way to teach grammar.

I hope you enjoyed this review and you stop back to see what other goodies the kids and I have to share with you.

In His Grace,









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