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Prison by Toni V. Lee 

Have you ever wanted a behind the scenes look into the day to day life of an undercover police officer, especially one that is on the drug task force? Take a peek into the life of Sonja and Max as they set out to take down one of the worst drug dealers in their local area.

As Sonja and Max learn to work closely, more closely than they would like, the static between them becomes electrified as they realize they mean more to each other than just being partners for work. Sonja is the main connection to the little church that the drug dealer has started to use as his main area of dealing. Max must find his “in” so he decides to play the part of Sonja’s fiancee…which puts a whole new spin on this investigation.

Can Sonja and Max get their bad guy and not lose sight of the plan? Or will they get so caught up in each other that they lose each other instead? Take a walk into the lives of God fearing Christian police officers and see how you CAN be a light in the darkest of areas.

My Thoughts

This was a story that I was offered to read when I picked another book to review. At first I wasn’t so sure about the characters and how I actually felt about them. They are not my typical bunch. The story though ended up being a pretty good read, one that held my attention longer than I originally thought.

The characters are written with a deeper backstory than I would normally see written in a shorter story like this one. I was a bit lost and confused with some of the backstory because it would jump into it without much of a lead-in as I would have liked. But overall, the back stories were well done and I liked getting to know the main characters as well as the extra characters throughout the story.

The writing style needs a bit of polishing and a tad more clean editing as well as the internal dialoguing wore on me a smidgen. Yep, I picked up on the physical attraction early on, so it was hard to rehash the internal debate so many times. Skimming therefore became necessary on some pages.

There is a heavy dose of God in this story and I for one found it refreshing. An area not spoken about often in Christian books is the area of lust, this is covered multiple times and it is encouraging to read how life really is for people. There is also a moderate amount of intrigue involved in the story along with a peek of danger, enough to make you almost hold your breath.

The plot was written well and I could see this type of story becoming much more then it is, it could even be fleshed out a bit more in my opinion and be written as a longer book. Possibly this plot angle could be developed into a series of books, that would be fun as there are some of these characters that I would enjoy spending more time with.

Ultimately, I was pleased to review this story and would not mind picking up another story by this author.

Until my next book review…

In His Grace.


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