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If there is anything more pleasing it is to see my oldest dig into a history book. He loves the details and the plethora of information that he then tends to share with his mama…I have learned waaaay more history since I began homeschooling than I ever did in school (sorry Mr. H!).

So when we were offered The Book of the Ancient Romans from Memoria Press I snatched up the opportunity to let Isaiah dig deeper into Rome. He absolutely has so much information already in his head about Rome, but this set of curriculum is right up his alley.

The Book of the Ancient Romans

Book-of-the-Ancient-Romans_zpsp9dro2jjThe set is a three book set from Memoria Press, all three books are paperback books. There is The Book of the Ancient Romans (the textbook) written originally by Dorothy Mills and edited by Memoria Press (this textbook is also available as an eBook), there is the Student Guide (this is a consumable workbook), and the Teacher’s Guide.

This curriculum is suggested for use with grades 6-9 but it could easily be used through grade 12.

The textbook is laid out more as a story book than a textbook, which works so well for Isaiah. He is a boy after his mamas heart, he LOVES to read! This book gave him the ability to sit and read at his leisure, therefore making it more enjoyable for him, which in turn helps him retain the information better.

The Student Guide has a table of contents that feels more like a lesson plan to me. It has each lesson broken down by page number. So it was easy to understand what sections needed to be read before the book work could be done. This is set to cover 26 lessons with 5 reviews, a well laid out plan for 31 weeks of Roman history.

The Teacher Guide is the answer key for all of the student guide questions as well as the correct definitions of all of the vocabulary words given.

How This Worked for Us

Since Isaiah is such a reader I simply handed over the text book and the student guide and let him set the pace of this curriculum. He would check the lessons and where they stopped and get to work. He would read his required section(s) and then he would spend some time in his workbook.

The reviews felt more like reviews and not tests, so if testing is an issue at your house (like it sometimes is here at mine) this product helps alleviate the testing anxiety that has reared up on occasion.

He also had to create a separate binder (or you could use a folder) for some extra work that was to be done. He needed to create a timeline of all of the events listed in the book as well as he had to create maps for reference and memory skills.

For the vocabulary words, I would ask him if he could find the definitions in the book, and he would find where the textbook spoke about the word. But most times the wording in the textbook did not match the definition in the teacher’s guide, so for us it was easier to have him copy the definition straight from the teacher’s guide. This way there was no confusion when it came to the reviews.

This is a wonderful history curriculum that is so easy to use. The layout is fabulous and it is absolutely easy to allow this to be a self paced program. It could be used for all year or like Isaiah did, devoured within an incredibly short time.

We are both very pleased with this history curriculum and I’m glad that I am now able to offer Isaiah a way to do school work in his preferred style.

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I hope you enjoyed learning about this product and I look forward to sharing when we have up next! So visit again soon for more reviews.

In His Grace.





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