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The other day I shared with you all of the best Homeschool Planners that I have come across in my years of homeschooling.

Well, today I want to share some of the best blogging planners and planner pages that I have found.

I know that a lot of these are still talking about 2015 but I FULLY expect to see some of these same companies/people creating for the new year…I’ll keep you posted.

Recently, I have become aware that I am a planner nut and since I keep finding some excellent deals (some FREE, others priced well) I thought I should share my wealth of information.

So, here ya go, my list of Blogging Planners:

Blog Planners for 2016

My Blog Plan

  • Discover the ABCs of blogging
  • Hosting, publishing and SEO tips
  • Organize future blog posts
  • Evaluate social media, stats, and most popular posts
  • Learn How to develop a media kit
  • Learn how to earn income from your blog
  • Hosting product reviews and giveaways

This is a brilliant layout, one that I very much enjoy. I am taking inspiration from this one and applying them to my own creations. I am looking forward to seeing the 2016 version!


Blog Buddy

This is an amazing planner! It is so big and handy to write in. This is just another one of my favorite planners.


Check out ALL of the incredible details that this planner offers!


See?! Amazing isn’t it?!

This is the 2014-2015 Full version. I have high hopes that there is a new version in the works.

I have a HUGE collection of pins on My Planners Pinterest Board that you might like to check out.

Here are my Favorite Blog Planner pins:

Blog Planner from Living Well Spending Less



7 on a Shoestring Blog Planner 



Blog Planner from My Joy Filled Life



I am positive that there are way more than this out there, just waiting for me to find them. When I do, I will be more than happy to share with you too!

I hope you found something that fits your budget as well as some great ideas, talk soon.

In His Grace.




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