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As a homeschool mama I absolutely try my best to not freak out when someone I know shares that their kid is already reading. Because my youngest son isn’t quite there yet. And he is almost 8 years old. Yes, I know the science behind the why he isn’t reading. Yes, I know when he is ready it will come. Yes, I am trying to not compare him to other children. But….

So, when Joseph and I were offered the chance to try (one more) reading program, this one from Reading Kingdom, I jumped at the chance. Joseph has started the Reading Kingdom Online program and hasn’t looked back!

YeeHaw y’all – this might be the one!

The Goods


This is an online reading program. It is available with a subscription to anyone that has an internet connection. It works on the computer as well as the iPad, as long as you use Safari (and keep the tablet upright).

There is a placement test for the student to see how much they already know and where the program needs to start them. It is an incredibly effective way to figure out what the student knows already and it quickly (with no judgement) lets the student begin the program after the testing portion.

The Dashboard is the central location to every point of interest that the parent will need. It is also the access point that allows the student to get back into their sessions.


Reading Kingdom is broken into sections, each one determined by how much your student does or does not know.

  • Reading & Writing Part 1
    • Placement Test for Part 1
    • Seeing Sequences
    • Letter Land
  • Reading & Writing Part 2
    • Placement Test for Part 2
    • Reading / Writing Level 1
      • exercises and books 1 – 6
    • Reading / Writing Level 2
      • exercises and books 7 – 12
    • Reading / Writing Level 3
      • exercises and books 13 – 18
    • Reading / Writing Level 4
      • exercises and books 19 – 24
    • Reading / Writing Level 5
      • exercises and books 25 – 30


In each level there are fun games for the student to play. Some of the games that I have seen:

  • listen to the word, fill in the letter(s) missing from the word
  • listen to the word, find the word on the screen
  • listen to the word, pop the bubbles (shoot the rocket) for the correct letters
  • keyboard work to find the correct letters

The program suggest that the student should use the program At Least 4 days a week. This helps the student to retain the information from session to session. Each session is between 15-20 minutes in length.

It is a fairly simple program for Joseph to use. He has had no issues working through the program and following the directions. He clicks on the friendly owl to get started in his session.


The hardest part of the program (for me) is that it is Highly Suggested that the parent (or teacher) NOT help in any way during the usage of the program, other than providing direction in how to actually use the program. This way the student can grasp the concepts being taught with no outside help.

A nice addition I found was that there is a settings menu that allows the parent (teacher) to modify some of the program features.

  • You can skip a lesson
  • You can redo a lesson
  • You can increase the response time so that the student can have a chance to answer correctly.

Another nice section is the Account Settings. In this section you can:

  • modify the account
  • manage student
  • move student
  • download reports
  • download diplomas
  • show/hide student


How This Worked for Us

The program suggests that the student complete one session a day. Well, Joseph was so excited to get started that he has been going strong with two sessions a day. The goal is to complete the levels in increments of 20,000 points. So if he is close to the points required he begs me to do the next session in the hopes that he can get to the next point level. Boggles my brain that he loves this so much!

Joseph has made it through the first part of the program and is now diligently working his way through the level in part 2. I’m guessing that he knew more than he thought when he took the first placement test, because at this point he has slowed down to only one session a day. He is doing well, and he is absolutely loving the program. He has come to me a few times already and said, “Hey Mama, I can spell…” then proceeded to spell the word. That is pretty stinking’ impressive!

Because of the knowledge that he is obtaining from this program and the fact that he is continually being encouraged, he is trying to read other materials. Most specifically his Bible. This mama heart is so proud of how much he is trying!

At first I was overwhelmed with the “do not help” requirement but I have then since relaxed as I watch Joseph’s progress. I am so pleased that we were able to review this program and I look forward to sharing Joseph’s results at a later date.

I would recommend this product to the parents of readers that are struggling. It can be used as an All-In-One reading program or as a supplementary program. Overall, I am giving Reading Kingdom an A+. It works well in our house and I am excited to see the final results!

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In His Grace.





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