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In all of the craziness that we call homeschool, there is a wonderful moment when I can say that online programs are a God-send. is yet another online that we have been blessed to review so far this year. The Pro Plan that my son is using for Biology is simply amazing and you are not going to believe all of the benefits of this program!

The online program is usable from PreK – 12th grade but in this review I will be focusing on the higher education portion of the website. My son is in 9th grade this year and it is perfect because has a self-paced Biology class that fits right in with the science curriculum that we are currently using.

Mama's Coffee Shop Blog - HelpTeaching - Biology

Mama's Coffee Shop Blog - HelpTeaching - Biology & Cells

Mama's Coffee Shop Blog - HelpTeaching - Biology Cell Video

With this course study I am able to set up his lessons or let him go at his own pace. Isaiah is reading online, then completely the worksheets provided. I also have the ability to print the worksheets for him to do by hand along with the answer key.

You can “add a student” to your account. This allows you to schedule lessons, worksheets, and tests to the individual student(s).

The scheduling portion is not a top priority for me due to the fact that we are using another science curriculum, but I absolutely see the benefit if you are NOT using some thing else. It give you, the teacher, a bit more control over what lessons are being completed instead of using this as a supplement to your current workload.

Not only are you able to set up the lessons, there is also the ability it schedule the tests to go along with the course that the student is studying. It is a wonderful part of the system that I actually enjoyed using. For instance, I set up a test for Isaiah to take for Biology and had the option to:

  • create my own questions and answers
  • use the databank of questions and answers, which has well over 1000 pages for you to look through to find the appropriate course.

Mama's Coffee Shop Blog - HelpTeaching - Test Maker Page

Once I had selected the questions that I wanted to use on the test, I updated the selected test, Biology, and added the questions I had chosen. After I had chosen as many questions as I wanted, I updated the test and selected to print the test. WaLa, I immediately had a test with 28 questions ready for the taking! I then printed the answer key and I was ready to go! Very easy to set up and use!

Since this is an online program you are going to need the use of a working computer that has internet access.

The lessons do have some videos that are required watching, especially for the self-paced courses. The videos are from the following sources:

  • Khan Academy
  • Bozeman Science
  • And some free links to other info that pertains to the selected course

In the My Account section of the website you are given the ability to create student accounts. I have set up two of my children so far on the site. In this area you can create your lessons and schedule them by either adding the lessons to the schedule or by emailing the links to your student.

There is also a section that holds all of the tests that you create for your students. Making it easy to reprint for another go or just for reference to see what has been reviewed so far.

The Printables and Activities section is another great way to supplement the lessons. There are numerous pages that can be printed that correlate with the lessons, which helps increase the information that must be retained for test taking.

Mama's Coffee Shop Blog - HelpTeaching - Worksheets

You have the option to choose by grade level or by subject.

Sidenote – the English/Language Arts as well as the Math are both set to Common Core standards.

Do It Yourself

There is a Games section that allows you to create 3 & 4 letter word searches, bingo cards, AND math sheets that include adding, subtracting, multiplication, and division. My favorite section is always the games section!

There is so much that can be done using this site!


How This Worked for Us

Do to the fact that Isaiah is able to follow directions and complete his work in a relatively timely manner, he has full reign over this program. He logs on and reads his lesson, completes the worksheets that are suggested, and tells me when he is ready to take a test. I print the test and answer key, and when he is ready to move on he does just that.

He prefers to read over the lesson work and watch the videos. He enjoys the different videos that are offered, his favorites being the ones from Khan Academy and Bozeman Science. Since we are using this primarily as a supplement to his current course load, I have not had him test out very many times, other than the few I needed for him to take for this review.

Overall, this online schooling program from is a wonderful additional resource that has been beneficial in our homeschool. I look forward to getting deeper in with my daughter in the next few months.

Curious how this worked for my fellow Crew members?




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I hope you enjoyed this review of and that you visit again soon to see what else the kids and I have to share with you!

In His Grace.






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