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Mama's Coffee Shop Blog - Zonderkidz Faith Builders Bible


With each passing day I am reminded that the time I get with my children is fleeting. Less time to be with them, to teach them the Truth, to read the Bible with them. I am grateful that this review from Zonderkidz is helping draw Joseph and I closer with the Faith Builders Bible. A totally cool product that any brick loving kid will enjoy!


Faith Builders Bible

The Brick Craze (you, those adorable little bricks called LEGO, that grow teeth in the middle of the night?!, yeah, those . . . ) is a part of life here at my house. We have buckets and bins full of theseFaith Builders Bible _zpsn4fmywa3 little bits of creativity. So when this Bible came up for review I was thrilled to see what it was all about.

This Faith Builders Bible is printed in the New International Reader’s Version (NIrV) making it a version that is a bit easier to read with a younger child. Inside the the Bible there 24 full-color pages that show some of the most read and known Bible stories for children.

  • Samson and the Temple
  • Noah and the Ark
  • Solomon Builds God’s Temple
  • David and Goliath
  • Jesus is Born
  • Jesus and the Cross
  • The Fruit of the Spirit

Each full-color page has an image of the Bricks used to create the scene that is shown along with a short passage about the picture. Then there is the corresponding verse at the bottom of the page.

Faith Builders Bible 03_samptxt_zps6uee1la1

These pictures are perfect for creating teaching moments with your children. It allows for more hands-on learning as the child(ren) can manipulate the bricks as you discuss the story. This way of teaching usually creates a deeper learning experience and therefore creating more recall on the subject.


How This Worked for Us

Joseph and I had so much fun using this Bible as we read and worked through some of the stories in the pictures. This has been a fun review and one of the most engaging reviews Joseph has been a part of with me. He has used this Bible so much even on his own, that is makes my mama heart so proud!

The very first day we got the Fatih Builders Bible in the mail he set right to work to see if he could build something. Luckily there is a cool page in the front of the Bible that asks, “Can you build . . . ” and he was thrilled to show me his first creation . . .

Mama's Coffee Shop Blog - Zonderkidz Cross

He has come to me and asked questions about the pictures and tried his best to recreate some of the scenes himself. Considering that we don’t have all of the necessary pieces this has been a wonderful way for him to set out and put his imagination to work.

Mama's Coffee Shop Blog - Zonderkidz Building

This Bible is by far one of the coolest Bibles I have seen for children, and we have a lot of them in our house.

I love the fact that this is allowing Joseph to get in his new Bible without much prompting from me. He so enjoys checking out the pictures and doing his best to create the same things with LEGO bricks or just attempting to create his own scene using them.

He created the perfect wall of Jericho just the other day that was incredibly fortified that he has kept on his shelf. So many opportunities now arise due to having this Faith Builders Bible in the house. I get more questions from Joseph along with more opportunities to read scripture to him.

I think this is just an appropriate Bible for the times that we live in. It is hands -on, it is engaging, it taps into the creativity of any LEGO lover.

Would you like to see some other creations made with the Faith Builders Bible, visit my fellow Crew Members:




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I hope you enjoyed the latest product review that the littlest boy and I reviewed. Visit again soon to see what else we have to share with you.

In His Grace.






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