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One of the next steps that we have been able to get done is the water well getting drilled out.

This was such a huge step and we were so very glad when it was completed!

The kids and I did not go to see the well being drilled but hubby was a good guy and took a few pictures for us.

This is the huge drilling truck that chewed its way through the dirt, clay, and rock to find water.


Mama's Coffee Shop Blog - That's a Big Truck (Water Well)


Silvio had a wonderful time learning from the well driller man. The man has been drilling our wells in Alabama for well over 40 years. That alone was impressive, but that he has had steady business for most of those years is even more impressive!

Most of that piping made its way into the ground.


Mama's Coffee Shop Blog - Water Well Pipe Truck


We needed to go deep to get a steady flow of ground water that would be sufficient to support our home when we get it completed.

The first water was found at 180 feet down, but it was only pushing out about 3 gallons of water a minute. For our house, we wanted a higher output, so we had the man drill further down. As the drill was going deeper, he thinks that they hit water a few more times. Finally at 423 feet down, the drill hit another pocket of ground water. This time the water was pushing out at 5 gallons a minute, a much better quantity.

It took a long time to complete but we are extremely blessed with the results.

Here is a pictures of what is called “tailings” from the drilling process. This is the extra rocks that had to be removed from the ground for the pipes to go down. We now have a 20 foot long by 4 foot wide area covered in shale rock because of these tailings. It has helped keep the grass and weeds at bay though, so there’s that for a plus!


Mama's Coffee Shop Blog - Water Well Tailings


It seems like a little thing to be excited about but from this point on we will, God willing of course, never want for water again. We can drink it, use it for bathing, cooking, washing laundry, and watering any animal stock that we will have.

We are overjoyed with how clean and fresh the water is. God is so good!

More updates soon about our homesteading adventure.

In His Grace.



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