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When you are blessed to get to review an item from a company that does so well in making learning easy and fun, it makes it easier to write a review . . .


Mama's Coffee Shop Blog - LOE- Level B Foundations


Logic of English – Foundations, Level B

Joseph and I got to review Foundations, Level B from Logic of English. This is the second set in the Foundations series and I was so excited to get into Level B with Joseph. We got the Teacher’s Manual, The Student Workbook, and the Level B Readers. (We had the other reusables from the last review.)

Teacher’s Manual and the Student’s Workbook. Logic of English Foundations B_zps74o5ath2

The teacher’s manual is a beautiful hardback book that will last for a very long time, I think I’m in love! The student workbook is a soft cover with removable pages for ease of writing out the lessons. The teacher’s manual is one of the easier books I have used. The instructions are well written and easy to explain to Joseph.

We were able to complete one lesson a day during this review. The link between each lesson is wonderfully easy. Making it easier to transition from lesson to lesson. Each lesson has a small section for review before moving onto the next idea.

There are short rhymes to use, as well as some flash card games that help cement the ideas that are being taught.

Foundations B Readers introduce students to multi-letter phonograms, silent E, and full sentences in the context of delightful fictional stories. The eight original readers for Foundations B are sold as a set in full-color paperback or PDF.

We received the physical paper books.Reader_sample_pages-B_800

Here is the list of the B Reader Books:

  • Fred the Frog
  • Max
  • Toys Play!
  • Can Pete Pick a Pet?
  • Quite a Farm!
  • Kids Just Want to Have Fun
  • Time to Bake
  • My Best Game

These books are just the right length so that there isn’t too much frustration over the words. They are cute and so fun for Joseph. He is getting better at reading through the stories.

The best part of using Foundations, Level B is that it is best suited for the children who have learned all the sounds of the a-z phonograms and can read short vowel words. Which is what they should have learned by using Foundations, Level A.

In using Foundations, Level B the students get to brush up on the reading skills and they learn to write using uppercase letters. It is perfect for becoming more familiar with the name of each letter, and not just the sound of each letter. This series, Level B, is also wonderful of helping students learn to begin reading and understanding more sentences. Allowing for the students to learn multi-letter phonograms and multiple spelling rules that will allow them to learn exponential amounts of words.

Level B is for children who can already read and recognize short vowel sounds and read short vowel words, and it is usually used in kindergarten. Most students begin with Foundations A, so moving into Foundations, Level B seems to be that natural choice for most students.

By the time students complete Level B, they should be able to:

  • Read and the uppercase letters and match them to corresponding lowercase letters
  • Write the uppercase letters in cursive or manuscript using the same innovative approach as our Rhythm of Handwriting program
  • Read one-syllable words with a long vowel sound
  • Have an awareness that words may have more than one syllable
  • Blend multi-syllable words just by hearing them
  • Be able to identify the medial vowel sound within a word
  • Know that a sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a period
  • Be able to read and write 19 multi-letter phonograms
  • Know 8 spelling rules
  • Read and comprehend simple sentences with the phonograms and spelling rules they have learned
  • Be familiar with the concept of the schwa sound, which is introduced as a lazy vowel
  • Be developing fluency in reading 296 new high-frequency words
  • Understand the spelling of 120 new words that have been explicitly taught and have the knowledge needed to spell thousands of others

Check out the goodies that come in the Reusable Resources, which is totally usable with Foundations, Level A and Foundations, Level CSo many wonderful items that come from a one time purchase, that is the way to go for me! I love being able to use and reuse and reuse a product, so this works for me! We had all of these Reusable Resources from the last review we did for Foundations, Level A.

Reusable Resources:LOE-Reusable-Resources

  • Basic Phonogram Flash Cards
  • Half size white board
  • Manuscript tactile cards (also cursive tactile cards available)
  • Rhythm of Handwriting Chart
  • Blue book face game cards
  • Red Manuscript game cards



How This Worked for Us

The writing portion of this program is still like pulling teeth for Joseph. He simply does not enjoy writing, so this is a constant daily battle at my house. But . . . he still enjoys learning the phonograms and the phonics. I still impressed with the voiced and unvoiced letters. A brilliant way to encourage the learning of the letters and their sounds!

The white board is one of the favorite tools for Joseph because he was allowed to use it during the lesson part that I was reading out loud to him. He practiced his letter writing and I allowed him to write the letters as he liked, not always as instructed with the manuscript cards.

Joseph especially liked to use the Basic Phonogram Cards because it didn’t really feel like “doing school” for him. We would review them daily as well as the ones asked for during lesson time. The lessons we did at the end of this review took us along the lines of 30 minutes, just to make sure that we were covering all of the needed materials. That time did include the reviewing of the game cards and basic flash cards.

Overall, this is a wonderful product and I am so encouraged that it is still working well for my kiddo.

Curious to see what other products from Logic of English were reviewed by my fellow Crew members?



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I hope you enjoyed this review and that you visit again soon to see what else we have to share with you.

In His Grace.


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