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Y’all, its been a while since I have done a book review for a book like this! I just finished reading The Secret Bridge written by Amy Le Feuvre that Lamplighter Publishing has (re)printed this year. It is so, so very good!

The Secret Bridge – Lamplighter Publishing

Bridget Channing is lost. In more ways than one. Her mother died when Bridget was born and now with the recent death of her father, she is heading to England to live with an uncle she does not know. As she is on the ship that is carrying her to this uncle she meets a fellow traveler, and navy man, named Godfrey Bullingham. This unlikely pair strike up conversations that deeply affect both of their hearts. Bridget wonders if God even exists, let alone cares for her as this stranger claims.

Will their happenstance meeting on the ship lead them to new waters or run them aground?

Godfrey Bullingham is a man of faith and he feels absolutely certain that he is destined, by God or by fate, to care for Bridget Channing. But what exactly does caring for her entail? Marriage to an almost complete stranger? Yes. And he is determined to make this marriage a reality before he ships out on his next commission. But will Bridget be able to handle all of the emotions that she has building up inside? Will she be able to keep the secret of their marriage form his family while he is away?

As a young bride to a navy man Bridget must not only endure his leaving but also hold onto the secret of their marriage. Why, she does not understand or agree with, but she will do her best to obey Godfrey’s wishes. As Bridget gets more deeply rooted into the local area and becomes quite the “talk” of the town, she begins to wonder what exactly is her purpose in life? She wonders if God has placed her in this particular place and grows to learn more about what the Lord can do in a person’s life.

What I Thought

This historical fiction shines a beautiful light on the fact that we all need to draw closer to the Lord. That we must learn to lean hard into Him as we travel through this life. This story was full of passion (in the cleanest most respectable way), passion for learning to love the Lord, passion for people, passion for the true meaning of this life.

I loved this story! I have never been privileged to read any books from Lamplighter Publishing. Now that I have been blessed with a copy of their Lamplight Collection, I do believe that I will be on the lookout for more of these incredible books. The book was such an enjoyable read and I particularly enjoyed that this book was kept as closing intact in its spelling, punctuation, and use of terms from the 1800’s. For an avid reader like me, it  was fun to come across different words and have the definition at the bottom of the page. It made it much easier for me to keep reading instead of whipping out my dictionary to look up a word.

This book gets 10 stars in my book (okay, if I had a star rating, or “book” this one would be the top of the list!) and I am absolutely blessed that I was chosen to review The Secret Bridge.

If I were to suggest an age level for this book, I would suggest a teen to older teen. Not because there was anything improper but due to the fact that the characters themselves were a bit older, and of course, they got married. And most teens would (at least my teens) not be overly interested in the sappy letter writing that goes on in the story. Me, on the other hand, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the story!

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I hope you enjoyed this latest review and that you visit again soon to see what the kids and I are reviewing next!

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