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With the summer heat upon us, you may be spending a lot of time at the pool. With all that time at the pool, you may be wondering how to make the time you spend at the pool pull double duty. Because as a homeschool mama, I totally always think of ways to make school happen. Don’t you?! Thank goodness homeschooling is as versatile as you want it to be because you can do it anywhere. Homeschooling in the pool is easier than you think and can be loads of fun for your kids. They may not even realize they are learning.




Use the pool to teach basic concepts on density, shape, and other factors that affect an object’s ability to sink or float. Before you head to the pool fill a large basket with odds and ends around the house that will not be damaged by water. Have your child help and think about whether an item will sink or float. At the pool play a game of sink or flat with the items you pack. Ask your child to make a guess and explain their reasoning. As you play discuss different factors that determine whether an object will sink or float.




The pool is even the perfect place to learn about measurement. Grab a plastic tape measure designed for sewing. These flexible tape measures are water safe and perfect for taking in the pool. If the ends rust you can remove them and keep using the tape measure. Challenge your child to measure everything from pool tiles and floats to the depth of the pool at different points.




The pool is the ultimate place to learn how to measure liquids. Bring a milk jug, pitch, and a variety of plastic measuring cups and spoons with you to the pool. This will keep even step bound children busy for a long period of time. Discuss with them how many measuring spoons of water it will take to fill a measuring cup and then, how many measuring cups to fill the gallon jug? This is a great way to experiment with volume and measurement without making a mess in your home. Clean home and science experiments – I’m ALL over this one!



Bring a waterproof deck of cards to the pool and play a few card games on the side of the pool. This is a great way to add in math practice. Toss card into the pool one by one so they do not clump. Then send children to grab one at a time and return to the edge for a round of war. This adds a fun physical element to a classic greater than, less than game.


These are just a few creative ways to bring everyday lessons to the pool with you to help spice up your trip. What better way to bring back the appeal of learning and provide your child with educational opportunities. The ultimate school learning is the learning that is fun and natural. Enjoy the pool but remember, pool school is way more fun than plain ole school at home.

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