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Alligator Cupcakes


Wrap up your summer with these adorable alligator cupcakes! I have another super easy (which is just up my alley for treats, lol, or most things for that matter!) treat for a End of Summer party or for your favorite gator loving friend! These would also be adorable for a zoo party or kids birthday party, don’t you think?!

I’m telling you, these won’t take you but a minute and then you will be all set to party. You can even cut out a step and get ready made cupcakes if you want! Don’t you just love the ease of treat making? It let’s you get back to the fun instead of slaving away on food or desserts.

So, my friend, here is all you need to make these Oh So Cute Alligator Cupcakes:





  1. Frost the cupcakes with a layer of chocolate frosting.
  2. From the bubble gum sprinkles, pick out about 24 white pieces and cut them in half diagonally so you have about 48 little triangle teeth.
  3. Turn the cones upside down and put a thin line of white frosting across the middle of the bottom of the cone. Extend the line of frosting over each side of the cone about an inch. Stick 7-8 teeth in a line onto the frosting line making sure the points of the gum are facing out to look like sharp teeth. Repeat this with all the cones.
  4. Now lay the cones down on their side and use frosting to stick 2 round eyeballs on the top rim of each cone.
  5. Place an alligator cone on top of each cupcake so it looks like the alligator head is coming up out of the muddy water.
  6. Fun cupcakes for your party. Enjoy!


Absolutely so cute and I just love the ease of this treat. Because come on, who really wants to spend excessive amounts of time on dessert? Not this chick. Just saying.

Enjoy your End of Summer party and let me know how these turned out for you!

In His Grace,




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