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Homeschool Field Trip Ideas

When you’re a homeschooling parent you have to figure out the curriculum as well as field trip ideas for your homeschool season. Every year more and more children return home to be educated by a parent. This homeschooling option is starting to become wildly popular and with that comes the need to find field trip ideas. Today I wanted to share some homeschool field trip ideas with you so that you can plan your upcoming homeschool year with ease.

Visit Fire Station

Most fire stations are happy to have a field trip planned with homeschoolers. This is perfect for the younger crowd but can work with older homeschool students too. Call your local fire station and ask them how you can work together to schedule a homeschool field trip there.

K-9 Demonstration

Along the same lines of visiting the fire station for a homeschool field trip, you can call your local police department and discuss plans to have a K-9 demonstration. This is a great way to educate your homeschool children on the important role of K-9’s on our police force.

Television Station

If there’s a television station around your area or even a local station that has its headquarters within a short distance of where you live then this will make a fun homeschool field trip. Call to discuss arrangements and spend a few hours learning the ins and outs of television programming.

Historical Sites

Many towns and cities have their own unique historical landmarks or historical sites. Work with your children to map out historical sites in your area and plan a homeschool field trip day where you all visit each of them and discuss the significance of each historical site or landmark.

Local Museums

Museums are one of the best options for a homeschool field trip because you can go to art, history, children’s and even train museums depending on where you live. Have a peek at local museums in your area and make plans to have at least two museum homeschool field trips this school season.

Aquarium or Zoo

If you’re lucky to live near an aquarium or a zoo, then this is a must-have for your homeschool field trip ideas. Children can learn so much and often enjoy seeing all of the animals in person as they learn about their way of life and other facts.

There you have it, some fun and clever ways to have a homeschool field trip with your family or other homeschool students in your local town. This is a great way to get to know other homeschool families as well as educate your children about the world around them in a hands-on scenario.

Enjoy your field trips!

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