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Pinecone Snowman

How much do you love crafts? “Not much.” or “Oh Yes, Let’s do ALL the crafts!” Perfect! Let me share with you the cutest and pretty easy winter craft that you can do even if you are no particularly a fan of crafts.

Most of these items are fairly quick to pick up for this craft so a quick trip to Michael’s or an even quicker trip to Amazon will help you get what you need.

Oh yes, and the kiddos will absolutely love this because it is so adorable and easy to put together.

What’s Needed

  • 3 Medium size Pine Cones
  • 6-9 Cotton Balls
  • 6 Small Poms (assorted colors)
  • 9 Mini Black Poms
  • 6 Googly Eyes
  • Brown & Orange Pipe Cleaners
  • White Felt
  • Hot Glue Gun



  1. To make the snowmen’s head, cut three 1-inch circles out of the white felt.
  2. Take the brown pipe cleaner and cut six 2-inch pieces and six ½-inch pieces. Fold the ½-inch pieces around the ends of the 2-inch pieces to create arms. Then cut three ½-inch pieces for the carrot nose.
  3. On the head, glue 2 eyes, nose, and 3 mini black poms for the mouth. Set aside.
  4. Take the cotton balls and pull them apart, tuck and push the pieces into the pinecones.
  5. Glue one head to the top front of the pinecone. Then glue on 2 colored poms and 2 arms.
  6. Set in a group on a table, fireplace mantel, or window sill. You can also add string and hang on the Christmas tree!
  7. Have Fun!










See?! Aren’t these adorable? So stinking easy and with limited helpful from you (with the glue gun) the kiddos will have a blast making them.

The winter holidays are almost here (feels like here already at my house!) and these fun and easy crafts will help with the possible cabin fever that might begin to set in with everyone. Enjoy your craft day and display your pinecone snowman with love!

In His Grace,



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