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If you are married you might have chuckled a bit when you read that word.

If you have little children you might have even scoffed a bit.

Because who has time for romance, you may have asked?

I know I don’t always feel up to anything “romance-y” after a long day of homeschooling, cleaning, laundry, working, etc . . . so I am pleased that I have some sort of help in this department. Well, because life.

But just because I don’t feel like being romanced/romantic doesn’t mean that we can forgo it all together. Romance needs to be a part of your married life. So that we can remember just how much we truly love each other AND why we got married in the first place!

Keeping the romance alive in marriage is vital to a long happy relationship. (Yes, so is praying for each other and physical relations BUT this totally helps too!)

So I am pleased to offer you this adorable floral romance challenges calendar for married couples. This is a sure fire way to help bring back some romance to my (and your) daily life.

Enjoy and I hope this brings about some beautiful changes and moments to your happily ever after!

In His Grace,



Romance Challenges Calendar

Enjoy your pretty calendar and the fun challenges too!

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