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Top 3 Posts from 2015 - Mama's Coffee Shop

Last year I gathered up my most popular posts and shared them with you. So this year I thought I would see what, if anything has changed since then.

Much to my surprise the top post from 2015 absolutely skyrocketed this past year!

Easy Homemade Ham and Cheese Pockets {Knock-Off Recipe for Hot Pockets}

Easy Ham and Cheese Pockets - Hot Pocket Copycat Recipe

This post was seen (and hopefully read) an incredible 13,465 times! I know! How crazy is that!? This recipe is from way back and (hold on to your pants) it was ONLY viewed last year over 1,000 times . . . blows me away.

Granted, I am entirely too tickled that this recipe is so popular, maybe this coming year I can rack up another 13K+ (or more!!) – How awesome would that be? Oh yeah . . . and unbelievably, it has been pinned on Pinterest well over 3,000 times – WoWZeRs!

The number two most popular post this year was a fun one that I wrote after a somewhat rotten homeschool day.

25 Truths from a Real Homeschool Mama

Homeschool mama truths

It was a relief to share some of the real honest to goodness things that happen during our homeschool life.

Sometimes I think that everyone ONLY shares the good, fun stuff about homeschool and the true stuff stays hidden. So, this post was loads of fun to see how many mamas (and papas) felt the same way!

Considering that this is a post from this year, I’m thrilled about the following: the numbers on this post aren’t nearly as impressive as the last post but I’m still so proud that 4,220 people thought it was a cool enough article that they visited the blog!  Okay, I admit it, seeing that 530 pins makes my heart proud, thanks y’all! Again, maybe I can tap into more good words like this post and soothe a few more souls about homeschooling!

The last most popular post from the year is one that made the top posts from 2014 as well.

5 Free and/or Inexpensive Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

5 Free and or inexpensive Valentine's Day date ideas

I am so blessed that this post has pretty much kept up its momentum.

There are so many marriages out there (mine included) that benefit from free and cheap date ideas. It is wonderful that so many people thought that this post was at least worth taking a look at.

The numbers are a bit lower than last year at 4,069 down from just over 5,000, but hey . . . you can only read the same post so many times, right?! On the flip side, the pins seemed to have increased to just over 500, so that makes me smile a lot!

I know that numbers might not be your thing, but I wanted some facts that were going to be easier for me to look at next year when I post the 2016 numbers!

I have big plans for the coming year and I would be beyond excited if the blog was able to continuing growing.

Onward and upward, with the Lord’s blessing I pray!

I sure hope you come back and visit a time or two (or three!!) to see what the kids and I are reviewing for school, or to see what books I have read – so much more coming this year, so stick around!

May God see fit to bless each of us according to His plans – Happy New Year y’all!

In His Grace.




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