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When You Just Need to Shake Things up:

Are you having trouble keeping your kids engaged during lessons lately? We all learn differently, and it’s important when homeschooling to shake things up! Try these alternative teaching methods to increase retention and make learning a positive experience for you and your kids!


Baking is a science experiment for kids, and it’s easily organized! Baking opens up lessons in basic chemistry and math with measuring and counting. This cause and effect exercise allows your kids to feel independent and in charge of the outcome.

For kids, hands-on work usually passes the time quicker than reading out of a lesson book. Without you nagging, your kids will quickly realize how important it is to read closely and follow directions. Plus what better reward than a tasty treat like homemade chocolate chip cookies or snack at the end!


Taking words off a page and translating them into song is usually easier to remember and can be used across different subjects! In literacy, songs can be used to explain poetry, metaphors, similes and new vocabulary. Songs can be used to make connections with themes. You can also use songs as a catchy way to memorize information like historical events.

If your kids are struggling in math, music can actually help bridge a connection. Scales, beats, and rhythm are all intertwined with basic math. Ratios and frequency can be taught with pitch, pattern work with the same pieces being played by different instruments, and musical notes with fractions!


Believe it or not, films can be a great supplement to learning! It’s the end of the week and focus is low, this could be a good time to utilize the last few hours of the day with a movie themed with something you’re studying or an informational documentary! Creating a handout for kids to complete during or after the movie that follows basic themes and events is a way to keep them focused.

Obviously, this is not something you would want to do every day, but it is great incentive to look forward to for your kids weekly or monthly! Many wholesome movies can even be inspiring, they offer fictional heroes to look up to and help enforce positive relationships and behavior with peers.

Just a peek into what a day might look like for you and your homeschool if you decide to shake things up!


* Thanks to Leah Hastings from Pure Flix for sharing with us today!